Exotic Trend: Culottes

With a length shorter than the shorts and shorter than the pants, the not yet known Culottes conquered the catwalks of the northern hemisphere and now came along with the fashionistas to shake the Latin divas, even though they have already been evident since the winter previous.

The tall, thin women have gained a new ally of style. A more creative and innovative clothing is the definition of culottes.

To create a stylish look, just always have a card up its sleeve, and it does not have to be exactly another piece that catches your eye because it already does it by itself. Jackets and shirts, or even coats, give a refined air and can be mixed with stripped pieces, so your production will be more youthful.

The evasé models can be confused with the skirts in some cases, mainly the printed ones.

To perfectly match, just abuse the piece as if it were any other similar piece, but giving preference to bolder combinations. If you are not very tall and want to wear, you have no mistake, just choose monochromatic looks or with pieces that give a longiline look, higher, that does not”break” your trunk.

The croppeds come into play in this case. They help to complete this image of a longer silhouette. Give preference to culottes below the knee, as well as shoes with an open toe.