Essence New Collection 2015

As of September fabulous products will become part of the essence family. Look amazing for a “wow effect” guaranteed.

Essence as every year, in addition to the monthly Trend Edition, September offers a new product replenishment. The nude and pastel colors will be the trend of the season, but the darker shades like gray and brown entice you to try new make-up. Numerous must-have for fall-winter: Multifunction mascara, delicate lipsticks, foundation with natural finish and the brand new glazes. Overtime essence products never cease to amaze, emphasizing the look on every occasion.

We start from new products to enhance the look:

All about…. Eye Shadow Palette Eye

All about… NUDES, Bronzes, ROSES, GREYS and VINTAGE! Here are three new eyeshadow palettes. Each offers eight colors perfectly matched to each other from the lightest to the darkest tones. The delicate texture and long life allow you to create different look thanks to matt effects, shimmer and metallic. Available in a total of five color combinations. (4.99 €)

Kohl & eyeliner occhi 2 in 1 effetto smokey eyes**

Kohl eyeliner combines two functions in one product: gentle and easy to apply as a kajal, pigmented and precise as an eyeliner. The absolute black texture is ideal for a look smokey eyes. Thanks to the conical shape of the tip is not necessary to temper it. (€ 3.19 Available only on display with 3 meters).

Modeling Eyebrow Pencil

Unruly eyebrows, goodbye! Shape your eyebrows with pencil modeling. A winning combination: the soft and transparent wax model line of the eyebrows and the integrated brush is ideal for the perfect final touch. Council: the shaping pencil can be applied as a top on the colored pencil or simply used as a base for eye shadow for eyebrows to increase durability. (1.89 €)

I like long lashes! volumizing mascara eyes and stretching effect

Length, definition, zero lumps! This lengthening mascara contains synthetic fibers that cover every single lash. The small applicator elastomer ensures the right definition for a look breathtaking. Simple to use even on the lower lashes. (€ 3.19)

Multi-action mascara occhi

The new mascara gives your lashes extra volume and lengthening visibly separates. The applicator elastomer cone-shaped covers every single lash, for a definition unmatched. (€ 3.19)

I love extreme mascara eyes volumizing effect resistant

The water resistant version adds to the range of mascara “I love extreme”: for those who want the volume even when practice sports. The texture with extra black pigments covers every single lash while the large applicator gives extra volume. A must-have not only for the summer holidays! (€ 3.59)

Lashes to impress false eyelashes

Long and thick eyelashes insured with new lashes to impress! The false eyelashes are applied on the outside of the eye rhyme and provide a look emphasized and thicker natural lashes.
Available in three versions. The glue is sold separately. (€ 3.19)

And for full lips and seductive:

Lipstick lip gloss effect

The formula of the new super delicate lipstick gloss effect is pleasant on the lips and gives a color effect shine with refined nude tones, brown and pink. The semi-transparent hood recalls the color of the lipstick so that you can quickly locate your favorite shades.
Available in a total of twelve colors. (2.49 €)

Liquid lipstick lips

The innovative formula of the liquid lipstick combines the coverage of lipstick to the brilliance of lip gloss. Six trendy colors from pink-apricot to brown lipstick that make it a true-piece! The pack highlights the double feature in its beautiful form somewhere between a lipstick and a lip gloss.
Available in six different shades. (€ 3.19)

Mini lip balm

The mini lip balm gives lips soft and smooth with a silky finish delicately colored. The mini size with retractable undermines the application makes it simple and fast to bring in smaller bags. Available in four colors. (2.49 €)

Pencil long-lasting lip

With the new long-lasting pencils will be even easier and faster perfectly outline your lips.The ultra soft texture makes it easy to apply and gives an intense color that lasts for hours and prevents the lipstick from drying out. The range of colors available is vast, from nude to pink and red. The retractable undermines makes very practical pencil.
Available in a total of nine colors. (1.89 €)

The new face:

Pure NUDE foundation face

Natural nude. The new foundation combines a light texture with a natural finish. Visibly it covers the irregularities of the skin, leaving a slight matt effect. The liquid formula is perfectly evens out the complexion for a delicate effect “no make-up.”
Available in a total of three shades. (4.89 €)

Blush face matting effect

The new blush has a delicate powder with mattifying effect texture. The shades intense apricot and fruits of bright wood, ideal for fair skin is darker, give a fresh touch of color to your complexion. Available in two shades. (3,19 €)

Camouflage face concealer cream

The perfect duo that effectively covers the irregularities of the skin and the annoying dark circles. The creamy texture of camouflage is high opacity as well as to make invisible small defects of the skin. The two light beige and dark beige nuances you can apply or mix with your fingers. (3,19 €)

Powder maximum definition face

The ideal powder for a perfect complexion definition that combines two products in one!The land tanning effect and matting creates an extraordinary contouring effect while illuminating gives the complexion a fresh, radiant appearance.
Available in two color combinations. (3,79 €)

Pure NUDE facial concealer

A concealer in a handy stick with retractable tip is added to the Nude line. It covers dark circles and skin irregularities and is an ideal ally on the road with the pack versatile and comfortable. The slightly powdery creamy texture is easy to spread.
Available in a total of three shades. (€ 3.19)

Let the hands:

I TRENDS nail polish the darks

With the arrival of the autumn / winter season, the famous line of glazes I TRENDS is enriched by “The Darks.” You’re the dark burgundy color to dark blue, gray matt-shimmer effect and the absolute black, to give you nails a really intense look.
Available in a total of six colors. (€ 2.29)

I TRENDS nail polish the metals

The new “the metals”, which add to the trendy line of glazes I TRENDS, shine like liquid metal on the nails. A wide choice of colors to the bright silver, champagne, pink, gray-purple and green light.
Available in a total of five colors. (€ 2.29 Available only on display with 3 meters)

Nail polish base intense color effect

This gives the nails a real “wow” effect! The white formula intensifies the color of the enamel, making it durable, bright and intense. (2,19 €)

Nail polish top coat reflective effect

The new top coat shines like the stars. It can be applied on any polish to a shine and reflective finish. Multifaceted and brilliant as soap bubbles gives a stunning effect to the nails. (2.49 €)

Pen for temporary tattoos nails and cuticles

The tattoo for the cuticles are the trend of the season. Thanks to the black pen is easy to make designs on nails, hands and cuticles. Pois, stripes or geometric patterns? The tip subtle and precise allow you to create unique look and play around with imagination and creativity! (2.49 €)

Nail enamel powder effect

These glazes in three delicate shades will give a natural look to the nails. The light texture of the media coverage has a semi matt finish chypre for a “no makeup” look flawless.
Available in a total of three colors. (€ 2.29)

3in1 nail polish protective effect

The special formula contains vitamin E and glycerin to promote the natural nail growth (€ 2.29)

Serum protective varnish

The new protective serum with glycerin and vitamin E moisturizes and promotes natural nail growth. The bow applicator allows easy application without oily residue. The gentle formula dries quickly and leaves a pleasant scent on the hands. (2.49 €)

Stick-pushing cuticles hands

The push-from ceramic tip cuticle stick is ideal for preparing your nails manicured to a long life. Gentle on nails and cuticles, gives perfect results! (€ 2.29)

Nail polish nails harmonizing effect

The new biotin-based filler evens out the nail surface, and it smoothes out the lumps. The slight opacity and the pink color makes it suitable as a base coat to prevent yellowing of the nails. (2,29 €)

Oil nail regenerating effect

The new oil polish, enriched with almond oil and precious argan oil, gently moisturizes cuticles and promotes natural nail growth. Thanks to the applicator in a bow is easy to roll out! (2.49 €)

French manicure nail polish

Enamel is available in three delicate colors: white, apricot and pink, for a truly brilliant french look. For beautiful nails and pampered.
Available in a total of three colors. (€ 2.29)

The new Essence makeup products will begin to be available from September 2015 at What you’ve already fallen in love?