Engagement Rings: Where To Buy Them in Mexico

Is already decided: know what the woman of your life and like to give an engagement ring to prove it. But where to start? Should you visit each and every one of the jewelry in your city?Throw you a nailing on the internet? We know that choosing a ring can be overwhelming, so we will help you with this task. Read on to find out what are the most prestigious jewelry in the country, as well as some tips when it comes to shopping.

First, The First Thing: Some Basic Issues

Jose Davalos Mejía, renowned jeweler Mexican and director of JD Jewelers, recommended to choose diamond taking into account the following:

To be for white (transparent) possible.

Find a diamond without imperfections is practically impossible, and if you found one you would have to pay a fortune. However, looking for that diamond is as pure as possible, with few defects.

Comes with a trusted jeweler. Looking for prestigious jewelry and forget “duckling” business or resale.

Request a certificate from the GIA or issued by an authorized third party. Currently, diamonds engraved with laser beam on the girdle (space between the Pavilion and the Crown) with a serial number that appears on the certificate. Learn more about Diamond certifications.

Eye with internet sales! There are many stones that are not authentic, and once you buy them, you can hardly recover your money. If you buy online make sure that it is a serious company, asBrilliant Earth.


Where, How, How Much

Fortunately, there are many options to find an engagement ring in Mexico that fits to the tastes of your girlfriend and your budget. Here, the best:


Tiffany rings are the dream of any girl. And is that these gems, as well as being super prestigious, have a unique brightness, as they are carved even if this means reducing its size.This brand was the creator of the famous Mount Tiffany, rings in which diamond is supported only by “nail” Platinum, which receives light on all sides.

However, if you want to buy a ring Tiffany will have to save. A ring mount Tiffany of 0.25 carats (the smallest and simple) costs around 30 thousand Mexican pesos. This price increases as they increase carats: a ring of 2.5 carats, largest, costs 950 thousand approximately. The model Tiffany Harmony, one of the top-selling brand, is 32 thousand weights to 337 pesos.

In the city of Mexico you can find Tiffany stores in avenida Presidente Masaryk and Altavista;These gems are also sold in El Palacio de Hierro of Polanco, Interlomas, Santa Fe.

Read this article to know 10 Most Expensive Tiffany Rings: http://www.hartselleclothing.com/index.php/2016/12/14/10-most-expensive-tiffany-rings/


Cartier pieces are synonymous with luxury. This French House is one of the favourites thanks to their elegant rings, used by celebrity and royalty.

A classic, made Alliance with yellow gold and a small diamond, costs about 12 thousand dollars.The ring diamants légers of Cartier, with a diamond and 18 k Rose Gold, costs around 28 thousand Mexican pesos.

The light ring in yellow gold 18 carats and set with 3 diamonds, worth approximately 50 thousand pesos. One of the most expensive is the Diamants Léger, a ring with white gold and 19 diamonds, which are worth more than 115 thousand pesos.

In Mexico you can find the shop on avenida Presidente Masaryk or some branches of El Palacio de Hierro. Watch Cartier boutiques here.


In this exclusive Swiss jewelry you will find classic engagement rings, almost all with diamonds and rings of gold or Platinum. It is worth mentioning that the brand has such popularity that it was responsible for providing the jewels for the film “Diana”, based at the Princess of Wales.

In Chopard rings can also find from 20 pesos (easy one), up to 70 thousand or perhaps more for one more elaborate and larger. This brand has several boutiques in Mexico, you can refer to them here.


This fine jewelry is beautiful rings of commitment, many of them at affordable prices. You’ll find plenty of precious stones, including Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Pearl. Prices range from 7 thousand weights up to the 150 thousand, depending on the karat of the stones and gold.

Find branches here.


This is the perfect place to find vintage jewelry, which by the way is more fashionable than ever: parts with Baroque forms, scale and very romantic details. Its catalogue includes stones of various shapes and colors: diamonds, pearls, topazes, sapphires, rubies and a long etcetera.Prices range from 2 thousand up to 26 pesos.

You can also find branches here.

Jd Jewelers

This is one jewelry one hundred per cent Mexican with 71 years in the market and many awards to his credit. Our favorite piece? Pearl with diamonds, yellow and pink diamond ring. If you want to order a ring personalized, specially designed for you for your future spouse, this is one of the best options.

Berger One of Latin America’s best Jewelers, offered in its catalogue diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls, among other precious stones. He was the first to introduce international brands to the country.

Its main office is located in the number 438 of the Presidente Masaryk Street. Ah! And, by the way, also sold a few divine watches.

Visit their website here.

H Stern

It began as a small Brazilian jewelry and developed in one of Latin America’s largest jeweller.Today, this mark appears in fashion editorials as Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle (besides in the hands of a host of celebrities).

Although it has all sorts of designs, jewelry vintage, with a strong Art Deco influence, are which have become their logo. They are precious stones cut in Emerald, a rectangular cut that makes them look divine.

If you are interested in any model, you will have to ask the price online or at any of the branches.

Peyrelongue Chronos

This specialized in Swiss watchmaking House comprises more than 40 brands of international renown, and has a collection of engagement rings to die for. Prices range from 2 thousand to 100 thousand $.