Electric IMP: Technology Of The Future Makes Remote Control All Electrical Appliances

The company electric IMP wants to offer a new way to manufacturers, making it easier for them to make their electronics devices Internet-capable.

With the developed hardware that just measures 32mm x 24 mm and is only 2.1 mm thick, it should be possible, in future,communicateto allow devices of from different manufacturers, via the Internet. So it would have taken a significant piece closer the idea of the ‘Internet of things’.

Can do this the devices with the electronic IMP map access the Internet via Wi-Fi and cloud .IMP, which means into German translates as IMP or IMP is doing more than just a simple Wi-Fi module.

All Electrical Devices Are Remote-Controlled

The IMP module, which looks like a simple SD cardan IEEE802.11b/g/n is compatible Wi-Fi module, in addition with an Cortex M3 processor and fitted with six additional pins for differentinterfaces. This will allow via software analog inputs and outputs, GPIOs or PWMs toConfigure, so that various data can be read about this. The company electric IMP, founded byHugo Fiennes who ran the Apple hardware development from 2006, wants to win partner who equip their devices directly with slots for the IMP cards. Such slots can be implemented forcost Under a dollar per device. For manufacturers, it is possible for a small additional cost their equipment to make remote-controlled, how of the Samsung smart air air conditioning or the Smart Oven is possible based on rctoysadvice.com.

IMP Map With Easy Creation Via App

Customers need to be able to control card (Interface Message Processor) to the respective devices via the Internet or monitor only an IMP. The establishment of the interface should be very easy for the customer and about an app, both of the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) as well asAndroid devices be possible. IMP and its software developer kit (SDK) will be offered from Late June this year. Is expected that partners little later first IMP capable devices are put on the market. The manufacturer is in regard to the IMP cards for customers, that they probably will be available for a purchase price of 25 U.S. dollars (Equivalent to about 19.60 euros).