Easy Snake 4 Tent

Tent 4 Snake has the option of being able to be attached to another tent of same model.

This Union is made taking advantage of the balconies of barracks, armando usually tents, one facing the other, putting up a balcony on the other, holding the same according to the following illustrations.

Set the tents normally, not only riding the balconies. Put a facing the other (Figure 1) and pass the sobretetos with the balconies to the same side. A be underneath and another will be over.

Secure the top of the first balcony by holding the door lock from the other tent (Figure 2). Here at Campingtopgear.com you can get more different models of the fashion outdoor tents fashion and the fashion trends of the outdoor sports. Pass the other balcony above and secure by velcro sobreteto tab. To give firmness, to use the closing rope, passing the same loop as shown in (Figure 3). Fix the base of the balconies with a stake.

Together in this way, access becomes the opposite door tents, using the passage as communication between the two modules. Is a great choice for those travelling with children or friends, and may have access to other tent even on rainy days.