Ear C5 B W, A Tenor In Your Ears

The C5’s -ear headphones that ranks around its selling price in the high-end of the category. Supplied with a case, 4 pairs of silicone tips, an airplane adaptor, it displays a Finish, with its translucent cable remote control and built-in microphone, its cylindrical black body typically B&W and its quilted carrying case.

As to his habit, B & W take care of packaging. Number of exclusive technologies are applied here, starting with the Secure Loop system which consists of a loop of cable that runs inside the ear, ensuring a firm support. The filter outside microporous, him, is close to open for a free return, according to B & W headphone technology. Finally the process Tungsten Balanced of ballast to the tungsten as close to the auditory Pavilion (creating a balance to the ear) is part of a reinforced insulation. Finally, do not rely the fragile aspect of the cable, it is much more solid than it seems.

Skeptical first to Secure Loop system, I have to agree that keeping is both pleasant and firm, the headphones don’t move one iota. That said, it should not be all ears. The C5 connected to my Cowon J3, listening can begin. No great surprise there dear neutrality in B & W, this sound without fluff that tends to the fidelity of the recorded sound message.The grave is realistic, varied and modulated. However, he is more present than what used us B & W. On “If Señor” of Gloria Estefan, we along the micro-details, the singer’s voice is not drowned in the percussion, the balance is well respected. Passing the “Dub Fire” of Aswad, we are surprised by the expressiveness bass and the liveliness of the attacks. On the “How Deep Is The Ocean” to Archie Shepp, you can taste refined restitution, a medium-high in hairline, the scratching sound of the strings of the bass is very noticeable. Bandwidth seems large and without accident. May be we could wish a bit more dynamic. Note that restitution varies significantly by blocking of the finger the porous filter, one cache foam would be interesting to compare the results with and without. To close this test, the “Tears Of Joy” of Antonio Forcione is rendered with drive, to the tonal richness, a soundstage to the respected dimensions. The C5 headset lets the music speak, without smothering it. The sound insulation is good and will allow comfortable use in transport, according to howsmb.

Very nice listen on this-ear headset that does not hide his audiophileinspiration. God cannot lie, the C5 is a typical product B & W, well designed and Finish. Compared to the usual sound identity of the brand, there is a more serious, but still consistent with the rest of the spectrum. Not the more affordable of ITES of the market, it’s the least we can say, after all, quality has a price .