DVR Tecvoz: See the 6 Best Models for Your Project

Finding a good digital recorder to compose your security system can be a daunting task, given the wide variety of brands and products that exist in the market.

For those who are looking for a powerful Stand Alone and at an affordable price, we have brought a series of analyzes about the main TecVoz DVRs. Check it.

1. Stand Alone DVR Tecvoz TW-P3004

The TecVoz P3000 Series digital recorder is a DVR that allows you to connect up to 5 cameras, supporting devices up to 2 MP.

It is compatible with HDTVI, AHD, CVBS and IP technologies, which means more savings when setting up your security system.

Record and play high definition videos at 720P resolution and 12 phrases per second, which will ensure images and videos rich in detail and sharpness.

It has an intelligent search system, where the user can search for videos by time cut, time, event or markers.

It is simple to install and can be accessed via smartphone, through the application of the device.

Usage tips: It is suitable for small to mid-sized CCTV projects, both for homes and businesses. It has simplified installation and an excellent cost-benefit.

2. Stand Alone DVR Tecvoz TW-P3008

The TecVoz TW 3008 DVR  is ideal for those looking for a robust and cost-effective DVR.

That’s because this Stand Alone supports IP cameras up to 3 MP, which will guarantee more quality in the obtained images.

It is also compatible with other technologies on the market, allowing the user to use different types of cameras in their system.

It has an alarm and has a storage space of up to 6 TB, one of the largest capacities in the category.

You can access and record the images live through your smartphone.

To do this, the user must download the App TW Viewer application in their application store and install it on their mobile phone.

Usage tips: The TW P3008 Digital Recorder is suitable for CCTV projects of all sizes.

It is easy to be installed and configured, being easy to understand even by those who have never had contact with the technology, being ideal for companies of all sizes.

3. DVR Stand Alone Tecvoz TW-P3016

Offering up to 20 channels and support for all the technologies available on the market, theTecVoz DVR 3016 is one of the best digital recorders in the category.

This is because it supports multiple protocols on the market, which will make it easy to integrate this DVR into security systems that use third-party devices.

Supports 2 MP cameras and IP cameras up to 3 MP, recording and playing back HD-quality videos.

In addition to being easy to install, the DVR 3016 TecVoz also has an application where the user can access the images and videos in real time through the application. This DVR unites power, technology and affordability.

Usage tips: suitable for medium to large security systems, being ideas for companies of all sizes.

4. Stand Alone DVR Tecvoz TW-E304

The TecVoz TW E304 DVR  is a modest digital recorder, with up to 5 channels supporting all the technologies on the market.

It has a large storage space, with 6 TB for the user to store hundreds of videos and images in HD quality.

Records and produces HD quality images at 720P resolution and 12 frames per second.

The OSD Menu provides a lot of details about the videos, such as date, time, name and event, which makes the search for files much more precise.

In addition, through the smartphone or computer application, you can

Usage tips: suitable for composing CCTV system of small sizes, being perfect for residences.

5. DVR Stand Alone Tecvoz TW-E308

With support for up to 9 channels, the TecVoz e308 DVR supports various protocols on the market, being a digital recorder to be integrated with other brands’ devices.

Supports up to 6 TR HD, which will ensure plenty of space for high quality video storage.

In addition, this digital recorder films and plays HD videos, ensuring rich images.

Through App View TW, the user can have real-time access to videos, from anywhere in the world, which brings more convenience to your system if electronic security.

It is easy to install and configure by following the instructions in the manual.

Usage tips: It is suitable for CCTV projects of all sizes, both for homes and businesses.

6. DVR Tecvoz TW-E316

And finally, the TecVoz e316 DVR, which features other products in the series, supports the other technologies on the market, which represents a significant impact when setting up your system.

It has a T storage space, which will ensure hours and hours of videos stored on the device itself.

Record and shoot in HD with a resolution of 720 for images and a rate of 15 frames per second for videos.

Usage Tips: Can be accessed through the application or computer program, from anywhere in the world. It is suitable for medium to large projects and is perfect for companies.


We hope these reviews help you when choosing the ideal TecVoz DVR for your system.

The models are varied, but everything goes according to its objective: a hybrid model, a more advanced model, with cameras that require more, etc.

You can choose the one that best fits your pocket and also your need for technology.