Dry Suits: Real Life Saver When Fishing

So-called dry suits can save lives. Because an accident with a small boat, the biggest danger is not drowning, but the hypothermia! That’s what protects only a dry suit!

When I laid down to an Angelkayak, at the same time was clear to me: I need not just a life jacket, but also a dry suit. Only it can protect me from the mortal danger by hypothermia in the cold water.

But as a dry suit is interesting not only for the kayak angler! Also for small boat anglers in fresh and salt water, it is indispensable, because it keeps dry hands when the going overboard, until help comes.

If you have never owned a dry suit, the search can be then to search for a needle in a haystack. The number of providers may be relatively easy, but the number of offered models is nearly unmanageable, and most models are immensely expensive.

My search led me to the company “Dry fashion” in Halstenbek near Hamburg – maybe the only dry suit producer in Germany, which still manufactures its products in Germany. A call in the company of a friendly conversation with the explanation of my problem – and I had an appointment for a personal consultation! Where can you find today?

The company “Dry Fashion” produces high-quality dry suits in Germany for almost 30 years. 30 years of experience, which is reflected in the products. The palette ranges from the simple standard dry suit down to the custom made. Dry suits there for different types of water sports activities: sailors, surfers, kite surfing and water skiing enthusiasts trust the suits of the company in Halstenbek near Hamburg. Even Arved was Fox of the products of this company so confident that he once equipped his Arctic expedition “Stankoviansky” clothing “Dry fashion” left. Also the Federal Office of maritime shipping and hydrography trust their products.

Good Value for Money

Good value for money and the offered service was decisive for me. Highest value is placed by the ten staff on quality. It all starts with the advice. Only one can quickly find the matching suit for the respective application. And should have the suit of later time damage, he addresses usually within 24 hours.

This means that a suit reached the company because a repair, leave in most cases on the same day repair. Because most of the time, needed things get broken then, if one them most
needs: during the season. And she takes us anglers finally a whole year long. Who wants to wait several weeks to get back the good piece?

Two different raw materials are processed at the company “Dry Fashion”: a breathable “3-liner material” from a layer of polyester for comfort, a breathable membrane made of polyurethane (PU) and an outer layer made from durable nylon. On the other hand, there are also suits, which consist of durable nylon and PU coating.

I suggest a suit made of breathable material. What but don’t forget this: A dry suit keeps only dry and not warm! Functional underwear is therefore indispensable as undergarments. To prevent the breathable characteristics of the suit, other clothing is not highly recommended!

is handy) and socks are recommended.

The standard suits have braces for a good fit of the suit and cuffs made of latex, but still no boots at the factory. It can be Yes his suit “make itself” or the equipment free to choose. Everything that is practically feasible, can also be implemented. The professionals at dry fashion in detail discuss their customers.


I would like to describe briefly my suit you. I decided on a model from the series “Regatta”. This suit is made from breathable 3-able material. The boots are made of the same material as the suit itself.Important therefore: Tighten always footwear over the boots. Otherwise the material may be damaged, and from a dry suit is a wet suit. The seams are cleanly worked and sealed.

The question of the cuffs for the neck and arms was already more difficult to answer because everyone has a different perception. If you have the opportunity to try on the different materials, you should absolutely do this. This possibility is granted one at “Dry Fashion”. Not buying it off the shelf. Thus, combinations of materials are no problem. At the cuffs for arms and neck, one has the choice between LaTeX and neoprene. My suit arm cuffs are made of LaTeX. Who tolerates no LaTeX, can also rely on neoprene.

After trying by LaTeX and neoprene cuffs for the neck I chose a neoprene cuff, because it’s more comfortable. I have decided for a hood to have a wind – and waterproof protection for the head when it rains. And what I find personally quite handy: I have fit me a so-called “Piddler” for urgent needs, to pull off not the whole suit for “Small business”.

Please Rinse After Use

During maintenance, there is actually to pay much attention. It is really important after every use, especially after use in salt water, with clear water to rinse the suit and hang to dry. In any case you may invest the suit just wet in a corner. Because then you will have no long joy with such a high-quality product.

You should regularly handle sleeves made of latex with fat-free silicone spray. This remains the smooth LaTeX and not so quick to blow it up. “Dry Fashion” provides a toiletry products for the zips. Treated regularly, they continue to operate smoothly as on the first day so.

Test For The Real Thing

I have tested the suit for the real thing: in the middle of January, when the icy winds from the North West and 1 ° C cold water! He has passed the leak test without complaint. What also surprised me: even after I had squeezed out of the air, who was dressed in a suit, on the collar, still have enough air in the suit was that I drove on the water. This small test took place in approx. 1, 5 m deep water and a few friends to safety were present, because I had filed the lifejacket purpose.

From the cold of the water, I felt nothing through the warming function laundry at least in the short test time, so I have fished a few hours on Pike then. The cold time of the year to wear easy functional clothing functional underwear under the suit namely plus a thicker fleece and in the summer. This does not affect the breathability and welding reliably transported away from the body. There are special “Underalls”, which you can wear under dry suits in stores. Important: Never wear cotton clothes in such a dry suit!

Because I could try on the suit before buying, he has a very good for me freedom of movement. Just kayak anglers put a high value on this property, one paddle all day and fishing. All stress points to fast wear and tear are protected by reinforcements in the seat and knee area.

I can only recommend this suit. He is an all-round practical product for me personally, that gives me a degree of safety on the water, and significantly improved my chances of survival in cold water. But this does not mean that you do without on the compliance with all safety rules as well as the life jacket thanks to dry suit! Safety is above all else on water, no matter what time of year, always comes first!