Do Your Printer No Longer Recognized The Toner Or Cartridge?

If that happens the first thing we have to ask ourselves is if we have updated the firmware of the printer.

If your printer does not detect or failed to detect the toner or ink cartridge compatible or remanufactured which was printing, it is since you have updated the firmware of your printer.

What is firmware? It is the printer software, the program that allows it to run. Manufacturers tend to perform regular automatic updates of these programmes over the internet, however it can also occur through the chip cartridge or toner, or your own printer.

According to the brand, it update us indicates that is performed for include improvements in the operation of our printer, but it greed of them companies not has limit and what occurs is that them performed for detect if are using cartridges compatible or remanufactured and put all them obstacles possible for your use. Its big business of the original deteriorates for this reason, say NO to the firmware updates if you want to continue using non-original ink or toner cartridges and that your Pocket does not suffer the consequences.

If we want to avoid surprises, from your own printer you can uncheck the option automatically update and thus will avoid unpleasant surprises if the toner stops working. This is due to a problem of your printer and not the toner.