Do Imported Smartphones Work on Brazilian 4G?

The 4G network connection is often uncertain, but stands out for the speed that many users need for their handsets.

The lovers of technology and the internet for smartphones are behind many innovations and technological innovations to aggregate the speed of the internet in the day to day, so the faster the mobile internet to receive and send data through the web is more efficient And less time – in the midst of this scenario, there is the novelty of the famous 4G connection – an innovative internet connection technology for Smartphones that proposes more stability and speed for its 100 Mbps navigation, also known as Long Term Evolution LTE).

If you know the 3G technology, it is easy to make a comparison to the 4G connection, in addition to being faster, it is an improved internet type of an operator that provides the service, in which you can surf the web through your smartphone or tablet In the best possible way, as already happens with 3G in Brazil. However, the innovation of this type of connection in the country tends to have a delayed transition, almost slow, thanks to several factors that directly influence the reception of this technology in the country, and of course, the high values ​​to connect via internet.

Some technology experts say that it takes a while to get a 4G chip and sign this technology, as the connection is still being deployed in the major cities of the country and is in the testing phase, so you can pay too much for A technology that is just on the rise.

In addition, you will not be sure if the city where you live will be one of those that will receive a signal of beginning, so wait a few months to acquire your cell phone that has this technology if you want to buy a device exclusively for the services of 4G connectivity.You should follow this advice especially if you are thinking of buying a mobile phone from outside Brazil, because the technology may be the same, but the configuration will not fit the one of our country.We will explain this point of view soon enough.

There is already a small area of ​​coverage of the 4G signal provided by some operators, such as certain areas of large capitals, such as São Paulo. The anxiety of the population and, of course, the handset manufacturers also reach overwhelming rates in the smartphone industry, as everyone takes advantage of the news to start the services, but in the most expensive way. Smartphone manufacturers are also launching on their next-generation handsets, models of the best known manufacturers in the market, among them Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and LG, are already prepared to receive the new technology 4G that, in addition to increasing The sales, look for the best connection in the new modality of internet for the most demanding clients.

Do imported phones work with the 4G signal in Brazil?

Although the explanation of the new way to connect to the Internet through a Smartphone is clearer, there is still a doubt of the majority of the population: if you buy a smartphone abroad with the configuration to receive the 4G signal, it will work in the Brazil? The answer is simple and fast – not a big one has already been announced by Brazilian telecommunications regarding 4G connectivity.

For those who will now acquire the technology, the tip is that it is worth waiting to let the service in Tupiniquins lands become more solid and then, consecrated for its efficiency proven by the users, since nothing better than feedback of who uses the 4G To evaluate when you should or should not buy. You will still risk your locality not being available on the 4G network and paying for a service that has not yet been installed – between these and others, you have to wait, especially if you think about buying an imported handset.

If you buy a cell phone in Canada or the United States, this device will be configured on the frequency of the 4G connection of these countries – already existing and better consolidated than in the case of the Brazilian 4G connection. Therefore, there is a good chance that this type of internet connection will not work on your device in Brazil, since the frequency used in foreign devices is the same for analogue television signals, operating on other frequencies, not on the same frequency as your cell phone.

One advice for those who are adept at technology is to wait for the consolidation of 4G in Brazil before buying any cell phone that is not manufactured here, since there is a great risk of the device not working with this technology thanks to the configuration that is realized in the companies of the Irreversible in the country. While not launching the new techniques for the 4G connection, it is preferable to wait a little longer and then to recognize if the system is reliable or not, since it was a bit more expensive than the good old 3G, but its efficiency promises that the Users will not regret having waited so long.