Do I Need to Buy a Gps Exclusive for the Car

Automotive GPS devices are increasingly present in cars across cities.Many people already consider them indispensable to save time in the traffic and to draw better routes to the diverse destinations of the day to day.

Do I Need to Buy a Gps Exclusive for the Car

With high precision and useful information for the driver – possibility of predicting traffic jams and problems on the streets – GPS is also present in most of the most common smart phones .If you have or are thinking of purchasing one of these cell phones, would it be worth buying a unique GPS for the car?

Evaluate the price to get the service and the battery consumption!

The first thing to keep in mind when opting for your smart phone’s GPS is if you already have a generous monthly data plan to use it, since the phone downloads the maps instantly in your browser.In places where coverage is faulty, the service is likely to present problems.With this first in mind, there is still other useful information before you decide.

For those who receive a lot of calls during the day, it may be better to have a GPS exclusive to the car.This opinion is a result of two factors: the high battery consumption that occurs when using the GPS of the smart phone from ElectronicsEncyclopedia and the lack of convenience in having to attend to it always, including the hours when you most need to look at the map.Fortunately there are several universal brackets specially designed to couple the most common smart phones in the car, which makes things much easier.

Eye on the screen

Most of the cell phones of the genre do not count on the vocalization of the route, present in a great part of the automotive devices.On the iPhone you can buy the function, which is not cheap at least for now.The new phones with Google Android promise to have it native and free in the system.

Finally, the last aspect to be taken into account before choosing your new GPS system is the price.Car-exclusive handsets cost less than $ 400, while smartphones typically go over that.It is worth remembering again that it is necessary to have a data plan to use the GPS in the cellular, which does not occur in the automotive devices.


If you have a smartphone with 3G it may be unnecessary to buy a special device for the car, since most cell phones have optimum functions for localization.However, if you have a simple cell phone and do not want to spend too much, an automotive GPS should be the best choice.