Dji Spreading Wings S900 – Test/Comparison/Review

The Speading Wings Multicopter Platforms From Dji-Innovations Are A Modular Concept For Professional Use. A Thoughtful Frame Construction With Foldable Propeller Arms Serves As The Basis For A Photo Drone  With Commercial Mission.

The Dji Spreading Wings S900 is the smaller brother of this series, which with its payload and its overall weight is of particular interest to European and German space.For the big brother, the Dji Spreading Wings S1000+, this hexacopter remains under the magical 5kg limit, depending on the equipment, which makes it possible to use without any exceptions/individual permits. For example, a general authorization to upgrade the state is sufficient.

It is possible to integrate the in-house flight controls of Dji, the A2 or the older Wookong-M flight control and combine with various Zenmuse-Gimbal stabilizations.

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The installation/assembly of this  professional drone is relatively easy. Once assembled and configured, the camera drone is fast and flexible to use. The propeller arms as well as the GPS antenna can be folded down by means of a quick-release fastener for space-saving transport. Even the carbon propellers can be collapsed and fixed.

Of course, the Spreading-Wings models have a retractable/retractable landing gear to allow the Zenmuse Gimbal with DSLR camera unobstructed all-round visibility:

Ideal in combination with the Dji Innovations Zenmuse Gimbals  for image stabilization:

Zenmuse Z15-A7

Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC

Zenmuse Z15 GH4 (HD)

Zenmuse Z15 5D III (HD)

As optional components for the Zenmuse Gimbal and A2 Flight Control, we recommend the Dji Lightbridge  for HD image transmission for the FPV helicopter or dual operater mode, as well as an  iOSD system like the iOSD Mark II or iOSDmini from Dji.

The empty weight with 3.3kg is just acceptable for the German airspace. A payload of up to 8.2 kg is possible.This is achieved by means of the six 4114 Pro engines each with 2.5 kg thrust. The carbon propellers are retractable and fixed for transport with a holder. When the engines are started, the propellers open automatically.

The design of the center plate and the power distribution is extremely well thought-out and minimizes the cabling effort and thus reduces the sources of error. Most components made of light carbon are manufactured in very good fit and stability.

Compared to Dji Inspire 1, the Dji Spreading Wings S900 is a much more generic platform, which, of course, also requires a great deal of care and technical knowledge.Only the Dji Spreading Wings models allow the use of a DSLR reflex camera and offer a correspondingly high payload (payload).

If you do not need DSLR recordings or primarily video recordings and do not want to be concerned with programming the flight control and adjusting the gain values, the Dji Inpire camera drone is better advised. Also in terms of transportability, the Inspire 1 as a quadrocopter and transformer offers decisive advantages.However, if high-resolution photo shoots and aerial photographs are required in perfect quality, you will hardly be able to get around a correspondingly large platform and have to acquire any technical know-how that may not be available.