DIY Ideas for Home Decoration

DIY decoration for your home that looks vintage and romantic. We are confident that hardly anyone will remain indifferent to this proposal. And after noting that is made ​​easily and quickly, there will be eager to acquire such decor in your home.

This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day and all for all lovers for whom every day is a celebration of love. The method, of course, can be used for inscription of a name that makes it unique gift for loved ones.

DIY Decoration for Your Home – Materials

Here is a list of materials needed to prepare to make their decoration for your home:

– Letters, large, printed on colored paper

– Appropriate number of wooden slats of varying heights

– Brush

– White paint

– Black ink

– Ribbons, buttons and other embellishments to decorate

– Wood glue

– Scissors

– Sandpaper

Here’s How to Make a Decoration in a Few Easy Steps

Prepare wooden blocks them pass with fine sandpaper on the front surface. You can then discharge a little paint, to give a transparent appearance. You can use any color paint, according to the interior of your home or preferences. Wait to dry before proceeding further.

Cut the paper according to the size of the wooden blocks on which to stick it. If you make more curves and wavy lines will look more interesting. Dip the ends of cuttings from each side in black ink pad. Leave unevenly to blur the boundaries.

Glue paper letters on wooden blocks.

Once dry out letters, make decorations with ribbons, buttons and everything you like. Stick them on letters quite arbitrary. Done! You now have a charming decoration for your home! Explore and our other simple and effective suggestions under “DIY”. There will surely find many inspirational ideas to turn in projects for leisure or a way to breathe new life into your old belongings.