DIY Birthday Party Decorations

The birth of a child is a joy that must be proclaimed to all. That’s why we like them so much the flakes birth! I what I embroidered for the birth of my baby I still hung in his closet: as I’ve already told you. Cross stitch, needlework, crochet, each technique is good to create a beautiful and original birth bow. If however you are arriving almost at the end and you don’t have time or want to put hand to needle and thread or with cotton and crochet, try to consider a new idea and a bit different to create a tassel.

Do you remember the post from about how to make pom pom in tissue paper? Creating many flowers in paper and attaching them to a round base could get a staple different from others. Here’s how to make the flowers.

Get so many sheets of tissue paper. The color pink for the girls and, of course, will be blue for boys. You could add a few sheets of white tissue. To bind the paper and form the flower, you will also need a piece of wire or even a simple wire.

Get started by joining four sheets of tissue paper and folding them in accordion. For the remaining steps, I invite you to look at our post on the subject. Here’s a video that in less than two minutes will tell you how to do.

Now that you have created a bit of tissue paper flowers, you can pick any, room for your imagination.

You could stick the flowers with hot glue on a round cardboard support, adding white tulle ribbons and pink or blue and white.

A method for realizing a staple of the genre may be the one used in this blog.

If you want a real Garland to hang out the door, use the wire to close the tissue paper and leave a little excess, buy a Garland and attach the flowers by placing the wire in styrofoam.

Alternatively you could fill with flowers the first initial of your child. This is a bit excessive, don’t you think?

With one big flower or with two or three together you can still achieve a stitchable. Just hang it on the door and attacking even tulle or organza ribbons.

You like the idea? You as you have made your birth flakes?