Disney Backpacks for School

Disney backpacks

Disney models for girl

In general, girls often opt for pink backpacks or simply feminine color. Disney backpacks for daughter usually display the image of the famous Disney heroines.

You will find different styles of backpacks for girl like such as Tinkerbell Disney school bags, Violetta, Minnie and many others still.

Disney boy models

Most of the time, small boys enjoy backpacks to dark colors (green, blue, or black). For the Disney school backpacks for boy, they often value the image of Walt Disney heroes they love: as Mickey, Cars, Spiderman, or the Avengers, for example.

You will find different styles of bags back to Disney signed boy such as bag flat back, Tigger and many other cute backpacks fascinating yet.

Choose his school Disney bag

The ability

The ability is one of the elements that will determine the quality of a bag for school Disney. In order to choose the right backpack for your child, it must be large enough to contain all her school supplies.

In addition, the straps of the backpack should not exceed the shoulders of your child in order not to attack them or to distort his spine.

With or without wheels

A school backpack signed Disney allows your child to wear his business school comfortably on his back. These forms of binders are generally padded in order not to undermine his shoulders.

You can also opt for backpacks with wheels Disney who save the back of your child from the weight of its supplies through its adjustable trolley and its castors. They are very recommended by pediatricians and also appreciated by the parents of children in primary school.

For kindergarten or elementary school?

For its first entry into kindergarten, small backpack models are perfectly adapted to its morphology.

When your toddler starts primary school, he will need a large backpack Disney more resistant to contain all school supplies.

The best models of Disney backpacks

To purchase a backpack with the most famous Disney characters, feel free to choose from our best models of binders that are available for boys and girls in kindergarten and in elementary school.

You will be spoilt for choice, as there are multiple different models of backpack Disney with characters and sizes. The ideal is to know your boy’s favorite Disney character and your daughter to buy her cheap backpack with his hero. No need to leave the House to buy one, because it is enough to place your order on Amazon.

Models for girl:

Snow Queen blue backpack pink

This mini Disney backpack accompanies little girls at school with their heroines of the snow Queen’s favorite: Elsa and Anna. With this bag, they will revive the highlights of this incredible story. This nice school bag for child below age is perfectly suited for girls in kindergarten orfirst grade.

It is composed of a large zipped pocket and a front pocket to hold all school affairs. It offers very good value for a bag on back of high quality.

Minnie rose/black backpack

Who does not know Minnie, the famous female character of Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse’s sweetheart? She will keep company your daughter to school with this wonderful Disney’s Minnie backpack. This bag has a large compartment to store workbooks and the kit and a front pocket to snack.

In addition, the shape of the front cover of this backpack cheap Disney reproduced image of Minnie ears, its nodes and her beautiful smile! Its pink color brings a touch of femininity to the look of your daughter throughout the school year.

Backpack Princess Sofia

For entry into kindergarten of your beloved girl, feel free to make him wear this schoolbag school bag Princess for kindergarten. It will be simply delighted to have Princess Sofia on his back. With its dimensions of 31cm long and 9cm thick, it will easily carry diapers, the blanket and snacks of your little Princess.

This sas backpack Princess Sofia also an adjustable shoulder strap features to maximize the comfort and safety of your little girl. And above all, the harmonious blend of rose and blue will offer a style worthy of a princess your daughter.

Models for boy:

Mickey blue backpack

Find the fetish character of your boy with this backpack Disney mickey.Almost all children in primary school are probably Mickey Mouse and his adventures. That is why they will not hesitate to carry this bag on Walt Disney back to school.

It has a main compartment, a front pocket and as well as two pockets on net on the side for better storage. Indeed, it is very convenient to store all business class without being too heavy for your son. A very original and functional high quality model.

Backpack for kindergarten Cars

This assortment of backpack Cars will not go unnoticed during the next year of your little boy. With its Cars ‘Neon Cup racers’ décor, thisbackpack Disney for kindergarten accompanied his Kit are must-sees for fans of the star of Flash McQueen racing circuits.

This small backpack Disney Cars consists of a compartment for the storage of books and not expensive for school Kit, a pouch front to contain the taste as well as two pockets on the sides in order to slide the water bottle or the umbrella. As for Kit Cars, it has a large zippered pocket to hold pens, pencil, markers, Eraser and other.

Toy Story blue backpack

If your piece of cabbage admire toys Toy Story film, he is happy to join the favorite benches of the school in the company of his heroes. This backpack has a main compartment and a zip on the front pocket.

Equipment handy to organize all the business school of your son. Super comfortable, it has straps padded as well as a background reinforced in order to withstand all the daily shocks. This is a binder displaying excellent value.

The models on wheels:

Backpack skateboard snow Queen

This beautiful backpack with wheels Disney snow Queen princesses is the ideal Binder for girls who come into kindergarten. Made from a fiberglass and PVC material, this satchel is much lighter compared to other models of the same size to well preserve the well-being of your child.

Back-Disney Princess trolley bag is the perfect size for put notebook, original Kit, Don and other for a good day at school. Among other pockets on the side to store his gourd and his umbrella.

School bag with detachable wheels Cars

This is a very nice backpack trolley signed Disney Cars which will be perfect for your little boy if he enters primary. This fabulous Binder Cm1-Cm2 is the effigy of Flash McQueen, the main character of the famous cartoon Cars.

It has a large zipper compartment to hold all his supplies and his taste at the same time.

With this Disney Cars backpack, your son will have more weight to bear on the back. He can roll over or detaching the trolley to bring it to the hand.