Discovered: Our Site, Slow Fashion

The drive to expression “Slow Fashion” is becoming increasingly buoyancy lately. Our blog we have founded two detectives over three years ago because we wanted to release more flea market – and Second hand content on the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, there are many blogs that revolve around this issue also and great people who have taken the step to a sustainable independence.
At our site, a ruckus brush is always again according to strength of speeches, because it drives the KK community into madness. There is talk of Birgit Fischer aka bibi fool. With their outfit productions she shares the audience into two camps. A bite from their sharp teeth and cannot understand what is going on. The others laughing up their sleeves and to sweeten your day. I find envied so much action and add comment. Fashion isn’t for us also to profound statements. Everything not fun, but exploitative expense of others is allowed!

That’s why the slow fashion label revolves around here today our site. If you look behind the quirrlige neon light of founder Birgit Fischer , who discovered a wise head with degree in his pocket. After her master studies she decided to set up her own label and opened Bavaria’s first and only Slow Fashion Store – real now! In her shop in Augsburg, there are only sustainable fashion labels, second hand and vintage.
Birgit has the hang of it and know how to stir the social media Quark – because we can learn something. You makes uncertain not only our site, but has in addition to their own shop in Augsburg, an on line shop and a T-Shirt-label – naturally sustainable. You can also look up on You Tube as Miss our site. Dear Birgit, good luck on your way to world domination – muhahahahaha…

Who is so kind to his pony , our heart belongs to the eh.