Discover The Sunglasses Of Hollywood Actors

We Admire Them, We Praise Them, They Are Our Idols And We End Up Copying Them. Write Down The Glasses You Like Best!

Discover The Sunglasses Of Hollywood Actors

Hollywood actor films are the world’s highest grossing films. The American film industry far surpasses the rest of the continents together. Hollywood is the goal for all those who make a career in film. They have the highest caches and the big companies will be riffled to be the protagonists of their advertising campaigns. Together with athletes, they are the true idols of the twentieth century and of what we take of the XXI. And, you know what?They love glasses!

Because they are a complement that helps them to maintain their privacy, because they give you that cool little roll that we all love, because they contribute to magnify that halo of mystery that has fame or because they look more handsome when they walk through those carpets Red, green, gray or purple to which they invite.

Actor Eddie Murphy, accompanied by his girlfriend Paige Butcher, poses for the press on numerous occasions with big sunglasses dark acetate. A model very similar to the  ARMANI AR8038. It uses serious, discrete and elegant styles like this one also of the signature ARMANI AR8057.

Their Looks Stand Out For Being Sober And Simple, But Always Accompanies That Sexappeal Unmistakable.

And for the attractive, the spectacular Bradley Cooper, one of the handsome par excellence and the men most envied by his current partner: The model  Irina Shayk. In this public appearance, the actor wears the classic aviator  RB3025 AVIATOR LARGE METAL. These retro Ray Ban are an unmistakable model of fine mounts, a must have, a spectacle that we ALL must have in some of its versions throughout our life.

The actor is passionate about the glasses. At Wimbledon he wore a very elegant  PERSOL  PO0649 that could not be better with his pure navy blue suit.

On another occasion he opted for a much more casual look with these CARRERA  100/S/HKU-XT. His girlfriend also chose a much more casual and masculine style than at other times.This glasses  by MARC JACOBS MMJ 456/S  is very similar to the one worn by the model.

From the fashionable actor we passed some of the greats of the interpretation. The critics want it and have demonstrated their interpretive quality in numerous series and films of success. He is a man with charisma and his looks do not leave anyone indifferent. Billy Bob Thornton risked a lot with the glasses he chooses, and they are usually the highlight of each of his appearances. In this appearance sports a model of PERSOL PO3152S, original glasses that offer a vintage intellectual style that the actor is very well.

The Glasses Are An Indispensable Complement To The Look Of Hollywood Actors!

Finally, we highlight another of the greats, with so many fans as detractors, actor Johnny Depp is preparing to face a millionaire divorce Amber Heard, but continues to maintain his particular look with mustache, some knob and sunglasses.

In none of his appearances does he ignore them. They are a must have in their outfit and their followers love it. On this occasion, he resorts to a Ray Ban aviator, the best-selling sunglasses.

They are in all the most popular programs, in the couchè, in the screensavers of computers and mobiles, in the walls of adolescents and not so teenagers. They are the idols of the 21st century and they love sunglasses.