Digital Radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + Review

I reports today on the Internet radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + from Grundig. This radio is a valuable device. I’ve tried it in all areas: In the bathroom, with a bath. In the living room while relaxing on the couch, in the kitchen while cooking and also in the bedroom to sleep. It probably also has an alarm function, but I didn’t take me to this.


You can set the radio station without having to remember the frequencies. The display instead of the transmission stick vans, the sender name and allows fast and convenient adjustment shows in standard mode. In addition also text messages, such as messages or transmitter can be read off display information directly on the radio. Has an AUX input for easy connect this device music devices with media player and, like CD players, smartphones, tablets or laptops. So can an audio cable connect to the headphone connection, for example, their smartphones or tablets. Through the speakers of this unit, you can enjoy the digital music collection in full volume. The first installation actually remains, even if it takes away the power and pull the plug out. Everywhere just plug in and the first installation remains! Fantastic! All stored channels remain stored as Favorites and many can be. It is necessary even if the electricity was turned off again about save, because in this case everything is on there.

Unfortunately, it is so that the Internet reception is very bad for you. I hear nothing at all half of the time. Previously I had always a very poor reception in normal radio, now is just to hear anything more. If the stations are available, so the Internet reception is good-for a moment, the Cosmopolit 8 has WEB DAB + a super sound! The volume is really good and you can rotate it properly. Even if it is a little too quiet for my taste to level the entire living room, is the perfect sound. I think you can do a lot more great things with the device but unfortunately I miss my technical mind. O. k. that I my phone can connect via a cable I understand. I can also have a USB stick connect with music that is also clear. I also never knew that I can hear so many different radio stations in Germany, or here in the Westerwald. Earlier our radio was limited to always on ten stations – more than more wasn’t there. The taste of the whole family is different of course. Now there is something for everyone. It is perfectly natural that you receive now no rushing obscure radio stations more! Each transmitter you can hear is flawless, super clear and perfect. In the moments where the Internet here is so bad I just from it. So the only deficiency for you is bad Internet. If the unit is in stand-by, it has even a function of light in the dark. If the light bothers a man must pull the plug, that is of course a disadvantage. I am definitely still excited by the Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB +.