Different Ways To Wear Leggings

Some clothes are super versatile and can be part of the wardrobe of both summer and winter, the “flexibility” of these parts goes beyond, can be used both in formal occasions, as in those informal.

It all depends on how you use and of course, the texture and model are always a big difference.And no more so “blah, blah, blah” and let’s talk about what really matters, the part in question is the leggings. Let’s see how to use it in different ways and make the most of this Joker of the female wardrobe.

Another positive point of leggings over other clothing is that it is a play adapted to any body type. Don’t have that if the person is more fatty or thin, you can use in all cases, you just have to know how to combine it and exalt the best way possible.

And the advantages of legging does not stop here, it is still a very comfortable garment, which moreover, leaves his wife free to move without being concerned about show more.

See Tips To Productions That Can Be Made With Leggings!

Let’s start doing looks with tights for winter. In this case, choose those with a thicker texture, which not only serve to make your look cool, but also protect from the cold. What is not lacking options and colors also, don’t limit yourself in black and Brown, bet in shades of green or blue.

Look black and white: Let’s say this look is super high, black and white, then nothing better than betting on a production stripped, but full of attitude. The legging pants in this case must be black and as we’re talking about winter, a warm texture. Use a long shirt, that which covers the white butt, in fine cloth, preferably transparent. If you want to give it a more rock, bet on a black leather jacket over his shirt and complete the production with a part of bass boots, preferably, decorated with thumbtacks as.

If you prefer a look stripped, however, more tidy, bet on a maxi necklace, a ring big and flashy, silver in color and choose a pointy shoe white, super trendy, or if you prefer, black and white.

Look with mesh or knit shirt: if there are two things you can’t miss in the wardrobe of who wants to be fashionable, these things are: knitting and knit shirt. In the case of knitting, it should be short, arriving at the waist, and preferably fun, nothing like that. Bet on a knitting colored or with a very nice print. Already the white t-shirt is that it requires a top underneath, well dug, the pattern has to be very good to give an up in visual. Both the Knitting with the shirt can be worn with leggings in black knit, if it is colorful, production made, bet a sneakers on his feet.However, this look is best suited the skinny with little hip.

Already the shirt with the top and leggings, are a hit with a couple all star high-top and the look is liberadíssimo for everyone. If you have a little cold, complete with short leather jacket.

The legging tights: the leggings can often replace a pair of pantyhose, actually, depending on the texture you can’t distinguish what is a and which is another. So, in the winter, it can serve to “recycle” your summer wardrobe.That’s right, you can continue to use that tissue thin running shorts and stamped with a legging underneath.Because it is very fashionable to mix textures, so you won’t get awkward that you make this mixture.

The same goes for short skirts, because retire them, place a pair of leggings underneath and ready, in this case, don’t forget that the best is a short Cardigan and adherent. It’d put a long coat on top.

Leggings with cardigan: they look like they were made for each other, leggings and cardigan, and the coolest of this combination can be hyper stripped, as can be elegant, unobtrusive. Choose a legging with little foot, those that have the “belt” that arises under the feet, think about something like Navy Blue, choose a fine mesh shirt with stripes, blue and white, for example. For complete place a white cardigan and slippers on the feet. Simple and elegant, to become Audrey Hepburn all that’s missing is a pair of huge sunglasses.

The same kind of look can be used to go to the gym, for example, the gymnastics legging with the top and a coat over gym closed, feet, a good pair of running shoes to do the exercises as they should be made.

Legging to compensate for transparency of clothes:the leggings also serve to “compensate for” a transparent clothes, in this case, it happens more in the summer. If you buy that short dress super cute, but then learns that he is also super transparent, on better than wear it with leggings, in this case, choose a lighter texture. And no black, if the dress is printed, choose one of the colors that are part of the pattern.

Leggings with high waistband and top: another super trend is the top with pants or skirt high waist, leaving a small part of the belly. And you can adopt this look with a pair of leggings, we feet a nice pair of shoes and ready, look to go to the Mall. If by chance, you don’t feel very comfortable with all-glued, use a lightweight fabric Nightgown, over the top. Just one detail, the top should be held, no bra-tions.

Legging and shoes: it’s hard to say what not to wear when wearing leggings. This type of pants go with sneakers, with tennis and with sandals, in addition to the short boots and for anyone who loves boots, are even better. It’s boring to put it over a pair of pants and be all embolado isn’t it? With the leggings that won’t happen ever.