Different Ways of Applying the Eyelash Mask

Apply the Eyelash mask It can be an easy task although know some tricks when it comes to applying it can make the result much better regardless of the brand of our mask.

For this, you have some tricks and ways to apply the mask tab depending on the effect you want to achieve in our eyes, depending on whether we want them further apart, with more volume or thicker.

One of the best-known ways to apply the mascara is in zig-zag, This should fit the brush in the root of the eyelashes and begin to make moves to zig-zag while we are climbing up the tabs. With this gesture we will get to our tabs separate thus preventing them look matted.

Another movement that we can perform when applying the mask is to go by turning the brush upwards. Similar to zig-zag movement we encajaremos the brush from the base of the eyelashes and go climbing and to turn the brush, so we will apply all the product located in the brush and get more volume.

Following the idea of getting more thick in our eyelashes there are several tricks, one of them is first applying Eyelash mask from the top of these, as if we cepillásemos them down and then to raise them we will do it as normal.

Another trick that works very well to get that our eyelashes look thicker is eyelashes apply loose powder and then the mascara, so get to thicken eyelashes and therefore much more volume.

If what we want is to achieve perfectly all nustro eyelid tabs we should place the brush vertically, using the tip of the brush, also so it will be much easier reach the tips of eyelashes which, by nature, tend to be far more claritas. Thus, if we focus on applying mask on the tips we will get that tabs will be much longer since we avoid so the invisible effect.

And for prevent eyelashes too stiff a trick that I often use much is a product that moisturize them as Belcis or simply Vaseline vitalizing cream applied before in my eyelashes, then apply the mask and got that these look less dry and rigid while I’m hydrating them.

To remove the unsightly lumps can not miss us Eyelash comb to comb them after the mask and get more definition and a flawless result.


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Jane Sassaman’s Workshop Workshops build confidence and ...

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