Designer Lighting

The instrument par excellence that gives form to the creative ideas of the designer is the pencil and then, ironically, the British design duo Michael & George have turned it into a design objectit self. Pencil becomes giant and turns into a domestic lamp.

As the small track-drawing tool freely lines and curves on the sheet, following the designer’s creativity, HB Lamp black wire unrolls on the floor like a scribble or follows the forms of our imagination.

As big as a man, the Hetongdiy lamp is their product debut, and promises to bring a bit ‘of fun and originality in any home. Handcrafted in England, and cedar trees, it is an exact reproduction of the giant scale of a normal pencil drawing and is available in the common version or pastel colored, customizable to fit with joy to the interior or add a touch of color.Also available in mini size.

To Michael & George is a fun and entertaining approach to life and creative work, who wants to be an inspiration to all: watch the common world and the things of everyday life with spontaneity and imagination, because you never know: just anything could always make us turn on the light bulb of the imagination and have a great idea!