Designer Doghouses

Whether our pets live in the house or have their own space in the garden, the kennels rigid structure is a solution that design has transformed into something beautiful and original. Forget the classic kennel to house: dogs and cats can now settle down comfortably in wooden structures and other materials with complex shapes, designed by architectural firms, which are inserted in the furnishing of the home as decorative accessories.

Pei Pod realizes sympathetic shelters for dogs, cats and small animals, in the form of egg in high density polyethylene (HDPE), high durability material, safe and recyclable. Inside a comfortable cushion it makes the kennel even more comfortable. Available in different sizes and colors.

The French designer Pousse créative designed Kokon, a kennel garden designed to integrate different needs of domestic life.
Inside are conveniently placed cats and small dogs and can even be used as a door litter, while the rooftop you can set up a mini garden.

Wood is made, however, the original “tent” Pup Tent drawn from the study Slade Architecture .A laminated wood layers cone is a sophisticated kennel for small animals, with a cushion and skylight on the top, of natural light to illuminate the interior space. Beautiful enough to make people forget its design function.

Always wooden kennel For Gimli Den realized by Gamla . All accessories for the pet Gamla have been designed to Gimli, the puppy home that inspired the entire product line. So it is a careful design to the real needs of puppies and owners, with regard for the elegance of the house.
Each cottage is made ​​of walnut wood, finished with non-toxic materials and is available with customizable colored details.