Decorative Boxes for Bathroom

As composing decoration, bathroom boxes replace the plastic curtains, preventing slipping on the wet floor outside the shower area. In addition to beautiful, glass boxes are safer and can last a lifetime.

With the affordable price, beautiful finishes and fast, simple installation, done by trained professionals, the choice should be careful before closing the deal.


It is an aluminum structure with cards that can be tempered or acrylic glass provides great comfort, when properly installed, it prevents the water splash all over the bathroom and the wind blow into the bath area. It is divided into four main types:

Reto: is a division straight from the place to shower and the bathroom from the rest by passing through adjustable furniture door that can open into or run along the fixed part.

For Brazilian standard, the common glasses are very sensitive and tend to break easily. Tempered glass can be up to ten times more resistant than normal and if it breaks, do not produce shrapnel. These can be sandblasted or transparent and colorless in options, smoked, green and mirrored.

There is also the option for box plastic (less resistant) and acrylic, lighter and cheaper, although less transparency and durability and needs to be replaced after some time.


The most used material is aluminum, because of its low cost, light and do not rust. The color choices are diverse: white, chrome, gold, bronze, matte, beige and black. The decision is by the customer and the value is already included in the final price.

Installation and cleaning

It is important to make sure that the front of the boxes has at least 5cm transpassive and corner boxes have 10cm.

Just use soft sponge with water and mild soap to avoid scratching or damaging the product.