Decoration of the Wedding Party in Summer

A wedding is always pleasant, whatever the time of year in which it occurs.However, for those who are organizing or will begin to organize an event like this, it is always important to consider the season as this influences the choice of foods, drinks and also in the decoration, especially the flowers. Check out some tips for your wedding ceremony in the summer is warm and fuzzy:

As we’re talking about the hottest season of the year, many aspects must be taken into account in time to plan this event. In the first place should be the choice of the room or location where the party, which, whenever possible, should be air conditioned for comfort of the newlyweds and guests during the event.

In addition, an air-conditioned environment is also important because it helps keep the flowers decoration, in addition to candy, which increasingly are also part of the ornamentation of the party. The chocolates, for example, need a median temperature so it doesn’t melt.

As for the other aspects of decoration for weddings in summer, as was said earlier, you also need to check with the chosen colors and flowers. As for the color, generally make success the warmer tones, vibrant, like yellow, coral Orange, shades of pink, red, among others. But, there are also those who prefer the more discreet decor in neutral tones, as the traditional white, or beige, Pearl, Brown. All these colors are usually used at certain points of the decoration, such as tablecloths, napkins, some ornaments and flowers following

And speaking of flowers, most suitable in summer are callas, lisianthus, astromélias and roses.