Decorating the Peephole of the Door

The Vinyl they are usually placed in the Wall. When the walls are very large and empty a mural or a composition with stickers can brighten it, also can be used in furniture to adapt them to the environment, for example a smooth piece of furniture you can decorate with vinyl colors to add it to a child room decoration… cheerful way and tell me to the front door? Place a vinyl around the peephole It can be fun.

We must find a proper vinyl to make the thing grace, there are a lot of objects in life everyday, or not so daily, which also incorporate a Viewer, for example any instrument óptico, binoculars, a telescope, a microscope or a telescope, if we place them properly by matching the position of the lens the result can be really curious.

Also a camera Photo of the old, the digital have too big screen to do so or if someone searches for something more aggressive a weapon, a pistol or a shotgun, that at the end and at the end is inside the House and only for our enjoyment and cause smiles in our visitors and friends, certainly the idea is very original, it is not that it is not necessary or useful, but generate laughs with the decoration is interesting part.

Actually it is not necessary that the vinyl corresponds to an object viewer, we could place flowers to your around or any other type of embellishment, to mi for example the shotgun I don’t like, although I recognize that of the fieldscope Yes has to my pretty grace, I would perhaps change you the color, Black is too strong, that also depends on the color of the door If it is clear, dark or lacquered wood, each there must choose what fits you best, but the idea is good.