Decorate a Language School in Economic Way

The adequate decoration of the spaces is an important point to keep in mind if we want to extend our guarantee of success to open a business. In the case of the decoration of a language school there are no exceptions. We receive to our potential customers in a well decorated space and undoubtedly will want that those who are already students, enjoy decoration of the facilities at our language school.

Decoration of a language school

No matter if we run an English Academy, Academy of French, Spanish… the really interesting thing is that whatever language that you impartáis in your Language Center space decoration can be really economical, and best of all, quick and quality.

Decorate an Academy of English (the most recurrent case) with adhesive vinyl or photo wall murals, has many advantages which we present below:

  1. A lot variety of designs to choose from: you can choose typographical vinyl with phrases in English, monuments in London in the form of vinyl cutting or views very worked in photo wall murals of large format and high quality.
  2. Placement speed: when you have vinyls for the Academy of English in your hands, will be within minutes or a few hours, depending on the quantity that you want to place, and you will have your Learning Centre English decorated in a twinkling of an eye.
  3. Brackets on which decorate many: you can decorate from walls to doors, windows, walls of glass, computer equipment, whiteboards, tables etc. The choices are many with only consideration that vinyl records have been placed on smooth surfaces.
  4. Cheap decoration: decorative vinyls have a few really adjusted prices in relation to the quality that we offer from TeleAdhesivo (stable top quality material). If you choose to one or several photo wall murals to cover entire walls, doors, crystals etc the price it will be something higher, since the manufacturing process is somewhat different. But you already guarding: the result of the photo wall murals will be really spectacular. Imagine a view of Trafalgar Square classes (with glass partitions) separating or decorating the back of a classroom, a hallway behind the counter… awesome!
  5. Speed of delivery: in just two days can have the vinyl ready to place on your language school.
  6. Without relying on editors: yourselves can place the vinyl in a very simple way. In the event that you wish to have help to place large formats (cover entire walls with fotomural), any painter can lend you a hand and being very quick placement, the cost will be very acceptable.

We have collected many interesting designs to decorate language schools. We have done this through a Pinterest Board and you can find here lots of suggestions for vinyl cutting, photo wall murals etc. ideal to decorate both whole walls of language as small spaces to give them more personality to some of the areas, including bathrooms, offices etc.

Pinterest Board decoration Academy of languages

However, best to use the search engine located at the top of the web (the magnifying glass) and write down everything that you want to search in the form of vinyl or fotomural. For example, “eiffel tower”, “bus double-decker”, “London”, “fotomural new york”… everything that is you interest.

That you have fun decorating!