Custom Wall Clocks Are Made with Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Watches virtual shop produces customized wall clocks with various themed themes such as animals, cities, signs and music.All parts are made with quality discs, which are laser cut to create the shape of the desired design.Some watches preserve the old form of the disc and others are stylized with other formats.

An example is the vinyl watch with the theme song The Beatles.The piece costs $ 59.99 and includes disc, watch mechanism with handle, pointers and nuts and alloy fastening.

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Watch is a creative choice of decoration

Another format is the London-themed vinyl clock, which is decorated with landmarks from England, such as the London Eye Ferris Wheel.

Credits: Disclosure

The watch costs R $ 59.99

These and other options can be accessed on the store’s website.In addition, the consumer can customize a part with his name or send model suggestions.

Carla Fernandez (journalism student at ESPM)

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