Custom Retro Wall Clock – Diy

Do you think about having that cute, vintage or retro highlight in the corner of your house and when you go to buy one of those, the price scares you and makes you give up on the idea?

Result, you go home faintly, faint, look at that little corner and sigh …

Now I’m going to teach you how to make a lovely, cute personalized wall clock with that old wall clock from your house.

Discover how to make a personalized wall clock with the clock in your home

To make a custom wall clock with your face, you will need the wall clock you already have there or buy a very simple and with a legal price.

To make the custom wall clock, you will need:

1 – Printing on the size of your watch on paper adhesive label, A4 size.Here, I am using the Pimaco brand (288.5mm x 200mm), sells in Kalunga or printed on couchê paper;

2 – Scissors;

3 – Screwdriver compatible with your watch (slit or philips model);

4 – Battery (compatible with your watch), here use 1 AA battery;

5 – Clock, whether or not used;

6 – Clock mechanism (optional), if your clock is running, just use the same mechanism;

7 – Spray paint in the color of your choice;

– You will also need a card (Renner, Pharmacy, American, C & A …) or a ruler or a spatula.

The print template I found in Google and resized to the size of the clock I had here at home (internal diameter Ø13cm), in this case, printed in A4 size for the watch with inner diameter with Ø13cm.However, most wall clocks have an inside diameter of Ø28cm, which would have to be printed in A3 size.

I left some models adapted for the Decorate with Charm, available for you just below, if it does not match your watch, you can find one that pleases you in Google , just put in the field of research (wall clock to print):

Download the Coca-Cola Mold, A4 size HERE!

Download the Coca-Cola Mold, Size A3 HERE!

Download Molde Paris, A4 size HERE!

Download Molde Paris, Size A3 HERE!

Download Fun Template, A4 Size HERE!

Download Fun Template, Size A3 HERE!

If you prefer, you can go to a graphic and lose to print on paper couchê, the graphics also makes the image adaptation exactly the size you need for your watch.

In this case, at the time of applying the image on your watch, you will pass white craft glue with the aid of a brush, only at the edges of the back of your image and just follow the same step-by-step.

Separated materials then come with me and though for action.

Step 1

First, disassemble all parts of the watch.Remove the screws from the back, remove the frame, the hands very carefully not to knead them (pull the hands one by one, lightly) and remember the order in which the hands were mounted so as not to get lost later.Remove the front glass.

Wash the frame well with detergent to remove any dust, dirt, grease or mosquito cocks.Allow to dry completely and reserve the disassembled parts.

Step # 2

Take the photo frame and spray paint in the color of your choice (here I am using Multi-Purpose Spray Paint, Ultra Cover 2X, Rust-Oleum in Turquoise Glossy).

Ninja Tip: Do not shake the paint can up and down with vertical movements as this can break the inner valve from above, did you ever have the feeling that the paint did not last at all?

That may be so, there is still enough paint inside the can, but the inner valve has been broken and nothing else comes out of the paint, in which case you lost the paint.

The solution?Before painting, shake the can in horizontal strokes from side to side, avoid stirring up and down.

Let’s go to painting:

Pass 1 coat 15cm from the frame through the entire part, allow to dry completely and pass a second coat (two coats are sufficient).

Step # 3

Once this is done, start transferring the printed image that you have chosen for your watch to the inner base of the watch.

With a lot of patience, gradually and with the help of a ruler, a spatula or a card (Renner, Americanas, Pharmacy … etc …), start applying gradually and smoothing the adhesive from top to bottom, this prevents bubbles.

Do this until you complete the application.

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Step # 4

Then wipe the glass and we will gather all the parts again.Put the hands very carefully, the frame, the glass, the screws and ready!

Your beautiful custom wall clock is finished.You can enjoy your little corner.

So, what did you think?I loved the result, mine will be here in the office!

It was very quiet, easy and simple to do. Tell me, what do you think ?It was a love the result, in love with the clock

Make your wall clock personalized, you will not regret it

If you have any question, question or suggestion, leave your comment below and I will be very happy to respond!

A big kiss!

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