Cumulus Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Now I am already are nearly half a year in the possession of ultralight sleeping bag Cumulus LiteLine 400. So it is sometimes slow time to shed light on this fine piece of equipment more detail and to take for you under the microscope!

Earlier this year, I started my entire trekking equipment on ultralight convert. And as the sleeping bag is one wherein the backpack weight to the “Big Three” (tent, sheep bag, backpack), my old, heavy and not particularly more warming Synthetic copy had to give way.

Since I do not want to have two separate sleeping, me a season-border use was important in addition to the low weight. This means that I can be relatively pleasant stay in the sleeping bag outdoors in spring, summer, autumn and winter. With the stated comfort temperature of 2 ° C and a charge of 400 g Down, I’ve therefore opted for a good balance. Before detailed test of ultralight sleeping bag, to find a few more details for military sleeping bags:

Army Sleeping Bag:

  • Weight (typical): 755 g
  • Weight (XL): 855 g
  • Comfort temperature: 2 ° C
  • Limit temperature: – 4 ° C
  • Extreme temperature: – 20 ° C
  • Daun Quality:  850 cuin
  • Zip (RV):  Two-sided YKK zipper with two self-locking slides
  • Length (normal) / Max body length. 202 cm / 185 cm
  • Length (XL) / Max body length. 215 cm / 200 cm
  • Pack bag mass (height / diameter): 25/17 cm (28/18 cm >> XL version)
  • Packsack-Volume: 5.7 l
  • Equipment: small interior pocket, zippered insulation, addition of large mesh bag for storage at home, adjustable hood
  • Price : EUR 219.00

Ultralight Sleeping Bag: First impression / processing

My first impression was: For the price I would not expect such a high quality finish! Because usually down sleeping bags to move with an equivalent filling often around 300 euros. The outer skin of the Lite Line 400 consists of “Pertex Quantum fabric”, an ultra-light and down-resistant synthetic material.

First test the mattresses in domestic bed at 20 ° C ambient temperature: It will warm very quickly to me! One can quickly slip into the sleeping bag, but when closing the zipper, you should be careful, because the thin outer skin like caught between the teeth of the zipper. But this is a vexed issue in most sleeping bags I’ve gotten so far in the fingers. The head can be withintegrated hood surround, but which can be set only mediocre on different head sizes.

Overall, the Cumulus LiteLine 400 takes over the facilities very minimalisttherefore what one particularly noticed the simple drawstrings, the hood and the no-frills bag. This approach I like very much, although the packaging of the sleeping bag in the thin-walled bag not quite as simple and requires to cram a lot of power. Because compression straps you look at the bag in vain, which of course again possible to save some weight.

Ultralight Sleeping Bag: bulk and weight

So the down sleeping bag comes on a total weight of 755 g in the normal and 855 g in the XL version. This is a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of 2 ° C already a very decent performance. Certainly, there are also in this temperature range sleeping bags are lighter, but then also correspondingly expensive.

The pack size of is pleasantly low and finds itself in smaller ultralight backpacks Place. The times in which the sleeping bag has taken 60% of the backpack storage space, are definitely over.
When you compress the sleeping bag in the pack, the rule is not rolled up or folded, but STOPPER! And once you’re back home from the tour, camp sleeping bag in large storage bag where he can ventilate and its fluffiness not lose.