Covers for Laptops

Frankly, when you buy a computer, there is too much want to lug with the bag provided with: too ugly, too heavy, or just simply too noticeable. The PC (or mac) it was also chosen especially for its performance, or its price, so level design, it is dull and not very fun. I therefore propose today a selection of stickers, covers and panniers for computers fantasies!

The stickers

The difference, it’s all an identity, and it goes also by the PC (not I don’t rhyme).This isn’t a question of style, its stickers protects her, in addition to being beautiful, the computer from scratches. And then it of really cool to show off with a nice beautiful computer, must be said.

On this one they are artists who created them, and I must say it’s really pretty.


As life is not easy, it reassures a cover, especially if you have a brother or a sister, or simply when it is clumsy. Taking care of his laptop is an art, and it also goes through the cover, which protects the shock (except when your boyfriend decides to smash your computer because you broke him his Xbox)

They come from the Our site and Our site. The latter declines as its covers in panniers, which allows me to make my transition deftly (or not)

The panniers

When buying, we still got the bag that goes with it, but you may have noticed, it is either not very solid, very beautiful, so not very portable (ah ah). And then personally, I think it looks too well! Dude I have a laptop with me, just poking me! (I decline any paranoia).

And for those who plan to buy a bag and have not found in his bonds, here is a small list of sites with bags not bad