Courtney Love Shows off Her Style

The choice of Courtney Love as a cover of British Elle January issue brought their headaches more than one. In it he left not bad at all but could more interest promotional than the fad itself, because there are thousands of models that would soon be on the cover.

But because she wanted to prove that he could overcome, has decided to go shopping by Malibu and dress in such a way as well. The style is nameless, grunge, punk or vintage … here the only qualifier is tacky bowling, so it enters directly a firm candidate to win the prize of the month, whenever Katy Perry not take it is before.

Is interesting that up to they share averages between one and the other, the same horrible floral print stockings. The choice of the former Hole by an a mini dress where the mixture was horrendous, among black lace, yellow poor and a final shot in the unique blue lace. What adds up a kind of black tulle. But the best is left to the end.

If you look at the lower part of the rococo movement is reduced to a child’s game. The amount of ties, anklets and other accessories that Courtney Love can lead on every leg outweigh any. And finally he topped it with a horrendous blue heel shoes on internetiest.

At the end of the month, we will decide who takes the prize, but this look to me has impacted me. Love in its style, in the be a tacky unparalleled. Do you think you?

Thanks to egOmania for sharing this news with us.