Country Boots

Sometimes it would have been much easier to not be so vain. To fully strut to toss on the durable functional shoes with tractor soles. Instead the purchase of winter boots a continually ongoing project. What model, what color, and what brand? The question is whether it is at all possible to combine practical use with graceful form?

In the Swedish climate, it is almost impossible to get away from the importance of good winter boots. Sleet, salted roads and generally freak weather places high demands on functionality. What is easy to miss is that the skovården is at least as important as the choice of shoes. To let the shoes rest with shoe trees, to regularly lubricate the shoes and to give them time to dry after use. The fact is that the arguments for buying quality shoes is totally lost if not a little energy is added to also nurture them.

When it comes to the choice of shoe model, it is difficult to provide some general tips. Snörkängorna tend to be a little more robust in its construction, while chelsea boots  from HarvardShoes are easier to wear to a more dressed up style. For some inspiration, here are a few favorite models.