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The Sagem WA 3050-a rock-solid Smart phone. But the combination of PDA and mobile is not exactly cheap.

Mobile phone and PDA in one device: Keep track of your appointments with a Smart phone and do the post thanks to email on the go. The WA 3050 presents itself as one of the finest in its class.

Telephone Equipment: Rock-Solid Smartphone

A very beautiful one: The WA 3050 includes 152 x 81 x 19 mm and weighs 207 grams.

Facts & figures
According to Sagem, the lithium-polymer battery supplies energy for respectable 300 hours standby and 5 hours of talk time. The touch-sensitive grayscale display provides good contrast and a sharp image. His 76 x 59 mm large surface corresponds to PDA level and offers plenty of space for short messages, E-mail and WAP pages, the display reflects hardly. In the background illumination the Sagem phone reverses the appearance which resulted in easy to read results in the test but only at night. As extras are included with the WA 3050 a leather cover and a stereo headset device. The manufacturer’s recommended price: 1.000 euro.

Phone features
Pleasantly loud: the integrated handsfree of the Sagem WA 3050. Pleasant: the 24 fixed ring tones are a real listening pleasure. By E-Mail, you can also share ringtones with compatible devices. Send and receive long SMS at the same time when a Smart phone the basic equipment as shipping to multiple people. Particularly praiseworthy: The 3050 of SMS displays next to the SMS number of characters the number, text in shipping is divided into the.

The caller list of the WA 3050 delivers although Umfassen send details of the calls made and missed, but only 20 entries can save – as so many entry-level phone offers more. Provides even more trouble, that a device of this quality and price range does not have profiles, voice dialing, or group-based call signaling.

PDA And Data Capabilities: More Smart Than Phone

Thanks to Windows CE, the WA 3050 offers a comprehensive range of PDA functions. An E-book reader available is next to Pocket versions of Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

PDA functions
MP3s can also be played through the built-in multimedia player. Also several voice memos the Sagem Smart phone can record and send even via E-Mail attachment. The data transfer and synchronization with the PC worked on the enclosed data cable and infrared on right off the bat.

Data functions
The Sagem WA 3050 has both a serial and an infrared interface and a built-in modem.This allows but for the coat of arms, Internet browsing, email and fax only a data rate of 9.6 kbit / s. Contrary to first announcements first, there is the Smartphone without the faster GPRS, it to can be retrofitted but later charges.

The WA 3050 can be difficult set for WAP and Internet. But once set up, the mobile access works without any problems. When the sending and receiving of E-Mails, not multiple accounts can be edited at the same time. Both E-mails and faxes could send themselves right off the bat.

A shortcoming: The WA 3050 notices not when the phone function is switched off: it constantly attempts to establish a connection and then breaks off with incomprehensible error messages. The 16 MB memory can be expanded via a compact flash card.

Practice: Windows CE Thanks To Ease Of Use

The elegant WA 3050 shines by its good workmanship – nothing jiggles, even the SIM card is jammed in the housing.

The elegant WA 3050 shines by its good workmanship – nothing jiggles, even the SIM card is jammed in the housing. Only putting proved to be extremely difficult in the test. The display responds to the input via plastic pin reliably, with a virtual keyboard or handwriting recognition, the Smartphone offers a fairly comfortable text input. The phone can be controlled via a virtual keyboard on the touch screen.

WinCE interface in PDA mode users can find the menus and functions quickly, only the navigation takes sometimes somewhat long. However, the mobile phone functions for the Sagem were not well integrated. The user can draw in phone mode only on a few functions, for example, on the call list and the integrated handsfree. Only the four special keys provide direct access to various functions, and for everything else, the user must go back in the PDA menu.


After a settling-in period, you can comfortably manage data and phone calls with the WA 3050.

The combination of PDA and cell phone makes sense, especially for features such as WAP, SMS, fax and email. A real nuisance: the complex configuration of online features, where the manual is not much help.