Cortana Begins Its Native Integration into Cyanogen with 12.1-YOG7DAS2K1 Update

The rumor that Microsoft was going to invest money in Cyanogen rose at the beginning of last year. Today do not have very clear whether the Redmond participated or not in this funding of more than $ 110 million but we are sure that they have been in talks so that services and mobile applications from Microsoft were present in this ROM to Android with more than 50 million users worldwide.

Today we have been able to know that the fruits of this relationship are flourishing. OnePlus One users are reporting that the latest update from Cyanogen 12.1 (YOG7DAS2K1) comes with no surprise that did not expect: Cortana integrated as an Assistant by default instead of Google Now. One small step for Microsoft to get into Android and stand out as well for the control that has Google on the platform today.

Long ago we saw on the blog that Microsoft was looking for ways to skip to Google Now voice on Android Assistant and thus take their place. It is easier to say it that do so because integration into the system is deep enough as for a simple installation of the application is not sufficient for entering the buttons and controls of the system.

That obstacle, Microsoft decides to ally with Cyanogen and go out there to be an option that competes on equal terms with Google Now in terms of integration in the system. This to the wizard’s voice means Google Now is not available in this update YOG7DAS2K1? Yes, still there but Now we can decide whether to use one or the other.

At the moment, this is the first handset to receive this update and for the moment we have not seen that other terminals with Cyanogen receive this version. We will inform you to see if the Z1 ZUK, bq Aquaris X 5 and company also receive their ration of Cortana built-in system.