Conversion To LED Lighting

Since 2012, there’s the promotion directive “Cross-cutting technologies” subsidized by the the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA) the conversion to energy-efficient systems, including planning and installation costs, with 20-30%.Promoted in 2014

  • Compressed air generator+heat recovery systems in air generators
  • Electric motors and drives
  • LED lighting systems
  • Pumps
  • Fans as well as equipment for heat recovery in ventilation systems

Small and medium-sized enterprises can take the promotion claims with up to 500 employees.In addition, certain technical efficiency criteria must be met.

Investment promotion in LED technology limited to 2014

Since entry into force of the directive, BAFA about 900 applications a total of 9.4 million euros, approved still air looks above especially in the field of lighting. That’s why the policy was extended in January 2014. Temporary for this year now following single measures are eligible

  • energy-saving LED lighting systems and
  • Daylight-dependent control-and regulation technology

The transition to a modern LED lighting system causes an energy savings of up to 70%.

Promotion from 2,000 euros investment

In addition, the minimum investment amount to 2,000 euro per request has been reduced. The rest financing the landesbanken and the KfW awarded for soft loans for this year also.

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