Contest: Get A Bottle Of Water Nalgene For Whom More Like

We want this summer to enjoy the weather with the person you most want, soget a Nalgene Bottle so you decide who will notice it is.

On our Facebook Wall, you have the opportunity to take the Nalgene your choice and give it to the person who most think it deserves it. You have until July 20!

Participate Here In The Nalgene Competition

How To Participate In The Contest Nalgene

It is very easy to participate. Simply follow these steps:

1.    Choose your favorite bottle gift Nalgene Web
2.    Tell us who it is luck and why
3.    It shares an inspiring photo
4.    It mentions that person when you can share the publication

A jury will choose the best photo and more motivating story, which won as a prize the Nalgene chosen.

The Nalgene Bottle That Goes With You

Tell us a story that motivates us and excites us, that explain what you and the reason why you luck a bottle of water. Remember that giving away a Nalgene, give health and hydration.

For example, surely your climber friend will be delighted to reach the top with awide-mouth Nalgene. Or perhaps your partner of gym do not skip classes if you give him a bottle OTF. There are Nalgene bottles for all activities, so please choose which go more with you.

Nalgene bottles are resistant, ecological, healthy, water bottles without BPA and to endure what they throw them.

You have until July 20 to share your story and your photo. Check out our Facebook Wall, let us a like and participate in the competition we look forward!