Comparative Rates for Talk and Surf with 4 G

With the power of 4G network Yoigo in the band 1,800 today occurred in Madrid, next to the first LTE networks already deployed by Vodafone and Orange, are already three operators which have announced their offers 4 G with different cities of deployment, catalogue of LTE devices and specific rates that today we concentrate on one comparison of 4G rates for both the Smartphone I like to navigate from computer with USB modem or WiFi router.

Three operators which have opted for different strategies being Yoigo the only operator which will activate 4G free of charge all their rates while Vodafone It will require hiring an extra bonus of 1 GB for 9 euros and Orange It has limited service to certain fares, leaving out their rates and convergent offer.

The hiring of a tariff with access to 4G will allow to avail of speeds of up to 100 Mbps Download, up to 50 Mbps of ascent and one better latency that increases by 10 web pages load and improves the experience in services such as VoIP, streamig from video or online games with rates remaining in the following way: