Colorful Fashion Jewelry Made of Glass Is the Trend

The temperatures have already cracked the 20 ° C mark in many places, so it is clear:Spring is – and the summer is not far either. Not only is there enough reason to sit in the sun with the sunglasses and enjoy the warming rays, but also to take a look at one of the year’s jewelery trends for the warm season:fashion jewelry made of glass in bright colors.

The advantages of glass jewelery

Jewelery made of glass offers some advantages that even precious metals can not offer:the material is extremely robust and looks filigree (also a trend trend of the spring/summer season 2014) and sophisticated at the same time.It can be processed and worn in a wide variety of sizes, so that everything from a delicate chain to a large statement ring is not only conceivable but also available.At the same time, Glasschmuck is quite cheaply available and particularly easy to care for.While perfumes, creams and other care products often make jewelery appear and make it look unsightly, glass can be very unimpressive.If creams are left on the jewelery, they can be easily wiped with a soft cloth.The jewelery is not necessarily to be dropped, because in spite of its robust workmanship it threatens to break in case of a fall.

The trend colors

Half-transparent, colorful designs are one of the central trends for this year’s spring and summer – as is the case with sunglasses racks as well as jewelery.The colors are delicate pinks as well as petrol or a dark orange or red. All these colors can be combined to bright summer clothes just as well as to classic black.Even to patterned, colorful clothes, the colorful jewelery fits – as long as the jewelery itself is solid colored and matched to the outfit.