Colorful Coats For Winter 2014

According to Denise Morais, Senac fashion consultant, there are two jokers when the subject is winter jacket 2014. The first is a 7/8 model with double buttoning and some trechcoat details. Already the other is a more fashionista model, with reference to the years 80 and 90, shoulders more structured and without so many details. “They are looser models and look good with trousers and turtlenecks,” she says.

Since coats are abusing the possibilities, you have to be careful not to miss the dose. “To balance the look, prefer monochromatic looks, in shades of black, navy, beige or in ton sur ton”, advises Morais. Another request is to match them with jeans and neutral white or off-white shirt. “With colorful coat, give up so many accessories or choose only one in the same tone of the coat,” suggests the specialist.

Since this winter the coats are the stars of the party, it was uncomplicated the task of building the look for a night or a cold day. “From felted wool, cashmere, Chanel-style tweeds, natural or ecological leather, corduroy and neoprene to the most modern, all materials are at your disposal to keep the cold from getting cold,” said the consultant.

According to her, some combinations are perfect and carry the mood of the season. “Black pencil skirt with white shirt and magenta colored coat is the face of this winter,” says the expert. You can even invest in a black tube dress with your style jacket or flare pants or miniskirts style 60’s with 3/4 boots and black socks. “It is worth choosing more neutral pieces and being free to abuse the practicality of coats full of style and personality,” concludes the consultant.