Colorful Bracelets

Today I have for you the third part of the small DIY bracelets series for you, this time with knotted bracelets. I spontaneously remembered the school time, when at some point everyone tied these tapes for the best friend:) And the best part is that it still makes fun!

A video is easier to understand than pictures-a very good guide for a simple zigzag bracelet is available on YouTube e.g. here from Alive4fashion. After that, I also proceeded. The patterns can be reached by combinations of knots.

If you don’t like to make your own, you can also buy very pretty ribbons on dawanda and refine them yourself, for example with beads or rivets:)

For this DIY, your stick twist needs different colors (I prefer the mat, which is not rotated, but it splits more easily). My ribbons are made of eight threads. The individual threads are approx. 80 cm long.

At the upper part of the ribbon, leave about 8 cm left for the closure.

In the past, the ribbons were knotted tightly around the girlfriend’s arm and then waited until they fell off by themselves at some point. That may not have to be more:) So I closed the shutter with a Chinese sliding knot. Since the shutter also needs space, the bracelet doesn’t have to fit around the arm. The closure can be put in one direction. The ends should therefore not be too short.

To refine the tie a bit, you can embroider them with embroidery and beads.