Collection Sand Bank Summer

Sandbar-Collection Of Bikinis Summer 2013

What is centerpiece to make nice on the beaches during the summer? The bikinis, of course. Why they also suffer influences from fashion trends and renew each season. During the fashion weeks in Brazil we can see various collections of swimwear, among all brands was also the sandbar. See all the news from collection of designer clothing to 2013:

The sandbar is a carioca brand that is already 12 years on the market, having fifteen shops all over the Maya State of Rio de Janeiro. Known for the quality and beauty of the pieces, their collections are always the boot in that consumers do not exempt sighs a beach, mainly the locals who enjoy this climate during the whole year.

For the 2013 summer the Bank invested in a lot of fun, with many abstract and tropical prints, some designs have a retro-inspired, like the imitation of the drawings present in kitchen tiles of the years 80 and 90. The colors are vibrant, appearing very good Orange, green, blue, pink and yellow.

The prints also suffered influence of current trends, emerging a few pieces, including, stamped with ethnic designs, like the Navajo prints, in addition to the graphs that resemble the patterns of scarves, paisley print call.

The models of the brand appear very comfortable, with several pieces tied around his neck, padded and thongs with side larguinhas. For those who like the sandbar also features strapless model and swimsuits.