Clothes for Chubby

The Fatties

The right outfit for a chubby is one that comes with your self-esteem because she has to feel good with your clothes giving you comfort and feeling satisfied with the visual.

If you’re a fatty, learn some important tips so that you can compose a look “elegant” and beautiful according to your standard of beauty.

Tips For The Fatties:

Clothes with dark tones, disguise the large silhouette. Avoid using prints, but if you use, opt for the vertical stripes, they lengthen the body.

Preferably the flat knits, double, with a certain amount of elasticity, the ones with which you sit and get up without that deformed. The knitwear fluted mark much, avoid them.

The gowns for the fatties is often the real disaster very fattening and not misrepresent anything.

Avoid shiny fabrics they are not a good thing for the fatties, because they increase the volume of the body.

For the breasts are not too chunky, v-necks together with a rim bra can be a good team. But, if the breasts are too large, square necklines are the most suitable, because they value the cervix without increasing the volume of the breasts. Here at buyinxenia you can get more different models of the plus size fashion.

The dresses are the Jokers of the wardrobe of a fatty in addition to valuing thick legs can also help in the neckline with collar to show the tube model, disguise a lot. Avoid very wide dresses always cover with a detail tied to the hip or below the bust.

The pants should be the straight cutting, with low-rise and no details in their pockets, not to attract attention.

Prefer the shoes with high heels they are elegant and lengthen your silhouette.