Clean Makeup Brush:the Brushes Are Fast Clean with This Trick

Had we known this trick just before! Cleaning makeup brushes can be as simple

A convenient trick ensures clean makeup brush

We all know the problem: first we apply a dark eyeshadow on our eyelids and then we want to put highlights in a lighter tone with the same brush. For this, the cosmetic brush must be cleaned first to remove the dark pigments. Many of us use their hand or a cloth to remove the color. The brush will not correctly pigment-free this unfortunately. A brilliant trick remedy here!

Quick clean make-up brushes: how to BB´s

Everything you need for this trick is a so-called “Hairdonut”, the real purpose of which is to help us to conjure up a beautiful Dutt. You put it in a cleaned the box that corresponds to the diameter of the donut. So the Dutt pillows can no longer slip and the unnecessary eye shadow falls into the box.

After she’s done with an eye shadow color, the brush is just gently streaked over the “Hairdonut” to remove the paint. And already you can choose a different color easily without having to distort the colors.

Keep in mind, however, that this trick is really only suitable for a quick color change. Unfortunately, the trick does not replace a proper cleaning of makeup brushes. How to get beautiful clean your make-up brushes, we tell you here.

A “Hairdonut” looks like by the way: