Christmas Table Decoration

Girls, last week I was invited to assemble a Christmas table in Room St. Helena the Iguatemi Brasília. You who know me know that I love a little decoration of tables and so of course I loved the invitation!

This time, to remove all the doubts you, decided to make a video explaining perfectly how to assemble the table. I’ll have to confess that I don’t do many videos on here because I don’t know anything about editing … However, I had help from my niece (cute!) Duda Favato, Glam Petit, and adoreiiii! I think I’m going to make more! Anyway, without further ADO, squeeze play and enjoy a lot of Nice tips! Was great but I think you will like it too!

For the composition, my idea was to use basic elements that everyone has and add some keys that refer to Christmas. Thus, everyone can assemble this table at home, right?!

The colors chosen were base ochre and red, to give a brightened and running just the classic ‘ red, white and green ‘. To give the special touch in decorating, stuffed animals, Christmas ‘ Parrot ‘ nozzles and some polka dots and Red leaves, which can be found in any store that sells Christmas items!

Candles are super important part of this table and, let’s face it, decorative candles are the face of Christmas! The water glasses, champagne and wine has a distinctive texture and form a mix that I love. The cool thing is to coordinate the colors with a nice tune, without getting all very equal too, you know?!

In addition, I did one thing that I find super cute and attentive, the place for the guests. In this case, as I explain in the video, I improvised with scissors and paper, but we can do it in countless ways. Is super charming! Finally, another highlight of the table. White Dinnerware and the Golden sousplat, which makes the time on any occasion and Christmas table gives super right!

That’s it girls, I hope you enjoyed the post and video on!