Choosing a Compact Camera

Small, light, it is the camera that we can always have on yourself, who fits in a purse. It is easy to use but do not imagine that compact = necessarily and only beginner photographer. It caters to all even the child, the expert or the athlete. So which one to choose?

Choosing a Compact Camera

For beginners

For beginner devices offer automatic modes and many scene modes (landscape, night, portrait,…) to suit the shooting conditions, without making any setting. The beginners devices are also not detachable (no manual or semi-manuel).

> Why choose a compact for beginner? It is for you if you want a light, simple device usage and low budget.

For those who want to learn or progress

Other compacts are lifts to customize its settings, but still easy to use, with always the possibility to shoot in automatic mode or scene mode.

> Why choose a disengageable compact? It is for you if you want a device small and if you know the basics of photography or if you are new and want to learn not to not.

For experts

There are also experts, best performing compact thanks to their larger sensor and their grand opening of diaphragm. They offer a better image quality and better manage light. They are completely disengaged to totally control the unit, according to a2zcamerablog.

> Why choose a compact expert? It is made for experienced photographers, but also for those who want to progress in photo, and seek an easier to transport than the SLR camera. This is the device that you can always have it with you.

For sportsmen and adventurers

There are also compact waterproof and anti-shock: he go under the water, falls, dust-resistant.

> Why choose a compact waterproof and anti-shock? They are made for the blast or for holidays with family or friends.

For children

The compact family is big with also models for children: very easy to use, with a playful design and a more robust design.

> Why choose a compact for child? If you like to put your device in your child’s hands, these models are more suited (and you take less risk in case of fall!), and they are accessible to all budgets.