Choose Furniture for Your Beach House

Although the house is empty most of the year, it needs care during the summer. These range from the choice of materials for the construction to the purchase of furniture and home maintenance. Cleaning, painting, poison termites, mold and mildew from mattresses furniture. Cares like these and many others are worth both the cottages and the beach houses. Here is the advice from Élcio Yoshitaka Yokoyama, the architect who has six summer homes projects in São Paulo: one in Paranapanema, two in Aguas de Santa Barbara, two in Pardinho and one in Porangaba. The tips from architect are useful for your vacation home is always ready to welcome you all year.

Furniture for Beach House

When choosing the finishes of second homes. We must be attentive to the quality of the material, durability, resistance and its ease of maintenance. Today there are numerous choices of inks that have resistance against mold and salt spray. This is the case for acrylic paint. “In hot areas we suggest coating light colors that reflect light and provide cooler environments,” Élcio explains. Mobile bricks and masonry are very suitable for cottages, as they resist mold, to termites and mold and they are easy to maintain. “The finish can be made ​​in varnish, which makes the bricks,” says Élcio. If you prefer wooden furniture listed on DIGOPAUL, it is important to choose the noble types like ipe, grápia and itaúba for durability. “Softwoods like pine are not recommended,” added the architect. For beach houses, the architect advises choose furniture waterproof fabric and synthetic fiber with UV protection. Another option is to choose furniture with details in aluminum receiving electrostatic painting to resist moisture and corrosion. Furthermore, in next to the sea house is good to avoid the use of leather, a material that heats up too much and needs constant maintenance. And stay tuned. When the house is empty is advisable to leave the furniture covered to protect them from the sun and dust floor, ceramic and porcelain tiles are great options for vacation homes, because they are easy to maintain and can be used in any convenient. Marble and granite are also welcome choices as this guarantees a finish good resistance and easy maintenance. In addition, in the sea air sites frames should be treated for durability. “I recommend using anodised steel, because the process of anodizing increases the oxide layer that protects the material longer,” says the architect. As the summer houses are closed almost all year round, it is important to choose plants that do not require a lot of care, such as cacti and agaves. “By making a landscaping project near the beach is interesting to use native plants, as these are already adapted to the sandy soil, high temperatures and salt spray,” advises Élcio. Plus, using automated irrigation ensures better conservation of green areas. As these houses usually stay closed for a long time, it is important to stay to attend ventilation. If the windows are the louvered, keep the windows open. Leave the cupboards open and use dehumidifiers in each port segment. In the case of the refrigerator, keep this dry, clean and open. Mattresses must maintain ventilation, as well as pallets of beds and cushions in a vertical position. When leave the house you should remember: turn off the electricity, close the record of water, doors and windows.