Children’s Fashion Trends Summer

With the little interested in what happens in the fashion world, the parents, who are not so linked in the fashion universe, now need to be also an eye on global trends to be able to accompany their children on time to upgrade the closet of little people. For this, we will know which colors, prints and pieces coming in for the wish list of kids in 2012:

For summer 2012, the children’s fashion brings to small parts in modern colors and made in current designs and bold. However, with natural and sustainability, you can also see a lot of mixing of fabrics and sizes that resemble handmade clothes. The years 60 references appear, by inserting pieces such as cardigans (in bold colors), straight silhouettes and adjusted, blazers, as well as geometric prints.

Those already enshrined in current fashion, year 1980 are not outside, and making use of your punk aesthetics come with pretty washed jeans, tie-dyes, high waists, leggings and jeans skirts.

The workout clothes formed the inspiration for the children’s fashion 2012, bringing parts, overlays with combinations of leggings with the college-style jackets or with sports references. Despite the intense colors dominate, the monochrome was part of several proposals for looks, marked by stripes and graphics.

Strong trend on “adult fashion”, the tailoring also is present in children’s fashion.However, combined with vintage touches. the items with vintage perfume. When it comes to summer, it is clear that the footprint looks Navy cannot be left out. To leave the kids with face of CK, worth betting on pants tied at the knee-height stripes, buttons and the famous marine triad, red and white.

Hit of the moment, the Asian theme is taking care of fashion in General. And in summer 2012 she appears in children, taking children macaws exotic and original parts, as harem pants, Mandarin style jackets, embroidered cotton tunics, coloured shoes with applications and a delicate palette and fresh, to spend the summer well comfortable. Featured white tones, roses, blue délavé and ashes.