Cheapskate Tip Brush Cleaner

There are people who find me cheap. I find myself price conscious and save where it doesn’t bother me. Other people find wasteful to me. I can not deny that, as in other parts of my life, I rather deal with consumption. I am one of the people who have everything in the household by Aldi by Prada – always so, as it is consistent just for me. Now miser or Schwendrian – useless consumed (and therefore also paid and zugemutete the environment) products always annoy me. Therefore, I try products no matter what kind to use sparingly. This saves money, protects the environment and delays the need to buy time.

Brush cleaner with alcohol is a product in which I myself already resent when purchasing, to need it at all. It takes away a lot of space in the bathroom Cabinet and I need it rarely because I use dear brush SOAP, when I have more time. Also I need when using cloth or cotton pad with the open bottle with the large hole more than is required for small brush for the lipstick brush or Eyeliner Brush.

I decided for the product from backstage with the large opening, because it pleasantly Lemony scent, perfectly cleans, safely make the brush hair and dries quickly. Against the waste, I fill a fraction of the original size in a clean glass bottle from the Pharmacy and screw on a pipette or spray attachment. You can purchase the pipette and the spray attachment individually in the pharmacy in the appropriate size to the bottle. The output for this is quickly back in there due to the lower consumption of cleaner. You can also use the stuff several times. The tiny vial is my travel size.

Where are you frugal?