Cheap Flashlights from China

This handy mini flashlight is ideal for traveling because it is so small and handy that it fits easily into a pocket. And although it is so small, it shines almost like a large lamp. It is therefore an essential companion for all who are still late evening or night on the road. As it happens again and again that you would rather want to see a place in the full light, just to be sure, and just for something like the flashlight is made.


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The LED-480 is a new mecalight the German manufacturer Metz just-market video lights. It is equipped with 72 LED High CRI (LED color rendering index, CRI, high) and reaches a 480 Lux light output. This will illuminate a face to 1 meter but it’s not enough to illuminate a small room. The mecalight 480 is however provided with an inverter at the rear of the housing for progressively dose of 0-100% light emission. Power is supplied by four AA batteries. Its color temperature is 5600 K and 3200 K can go down to the artificial light filter provided. There is also a diffuser filter to create a softer light. The filters are fixed with magnetic media.But the real added value of this torch is its optional accessories. One can indeed add one or more flexible arms Mecalight FH-100pour a more flexible orientation of the torch and connect with other lamps in the range Mecalight like LED-160 (50 euros) or LED-320 (80 euros) build whole lighting kit. The lamp can also be installed on a tripod with its not 1/4 screws.

Temperature : – 3200° – 5600° Kelvin
Power : – 480 lux (1m)
Food : -4 AA batteries
-AC adapter and cigarette lighter
Installation : – Ball and thread 1/4
Filters included: -Orange gelatin and diffuser
Mass : -Not disclosed
Dimensions : -Not disclosed
Transport bag : -not
Price: -99.90 euros



This small LED flashlight entry designed for handheld camcorders and SLR cameras has some tremendous assets. Its LEDs produce a wide and powerful beam up to 770 lux at 1 meter which is not so common in this price level. The intensity is adjustable with a dimmer switch, and temperature (5600K) can be broadcast or heated using the included filters. Their installation is very simple thanks to their magnetic fasteners. Petit significant detail: the fastener ball joint can be unscrewed from the shell and release a no 1/4 “standard for using another ball Power is supplied to the back of the case with 5 AA batteries (alkaline /. rechargeable) providing up to 90min lighting,. or a Sony battery (F570 type F770, F970) providing several hours of light depending on their capacity (mAh) Finally, several Z96 can be attached to each other through a connector provided ( see video ) creating a multi-torches plate. the Z96 is sold by several distributors whose which offers 88 euros.

Temperature : -3200°-5600° Kelvin
Power : -770 lux (1m)
Food : -5 AA batteries, battery (not included)
-AC adapter and cigarette lighter
Installation : -Ball and thread 1/4
Filters included: -Orange gelatin / tungsten, distributor
Mass : -188 grams without batteries
Dimensions : -12,7 x 7,5 x 4,5 cm
Transport bag : -not
Price: -From 90 euros