Chanel – The Khakis of Chanel Khaki Rose and Khaki Brun

Thanks YeZminda, that sacrificed “Les khaki thriller” himself for Mara and me in Berlin for, can I wear 2 of ‘Les khakis de Chanel”now in my hands, or on the nails.

Limited varnishes were available only on 9 September in Berlin (at least here in Germany, there were they in other countries) and because I’m not simply just so to Berlin, YeZminda came there all right, which should get the “khaki Vert” anyway for Mara. My call for help on Twitter has been heard and after I wanted to have only “khaki rose”, nam I also still “khaki Brun” (the varnish just in the triple set were sold, as far as I… understand that).

For some probably absolute Kotz – or shit colors, but I find she beautifully and am convinced that these are wonderful autumnal . It is a pity that I could not even get “khaki Vert”, but you can’t have everything Yes also. Meanwhile, varnishes are of course also been absolutely overpriced circulating on eBay and had co. – again good luck!

Hereby, a big thank you goes to Yadav, which then of course also still Super quickly sent the paints me! Hero of the month!

→ and it has also a blog, you must visit! I please drum!

Chanel Le Vernis – “Khaki Brun”

Reminiscent of cow manure, on the photo is but in real but more Brown with unique khaki green stitch.

2 layers is enough, the coating is super to apply and dries really quickly.

A beautiful, muted color, that probably determines many other colors/outfits suits and can be well combined.

Chanel Le Vernis – “Khaki Rose

In contrast to “khaki Brun”, this coating has no green tinge, but a strong brown tint.
That he is a rosy color, you can see well (on the photo unfortunately rather less, I need… maybe better lighting conditions), but also the Brown stitch is strongly apparent.
Actually almost a taupe tone, I think.
Reminds me somehow of chocolates..

Also here 2 layers are sufficient, the varnish has a pleasant consistency that can be processed well and it dries very quickly.

I have applied both coatings without under – and excess paint.

Much better swatches on much more beautiful nails can be found at → Lacquerized, she has also “khaki Vert”.

I’m curious about your opinions to the “Les khakis de Chanel”, I’m sure, that the opinions go there very apart be..